Why didn’t Marmee tell Jo her suspicions about Amy and Laurie? What are Laurie’s plans now that he’s married and back at home? Describe Amy’s experience at Aunt March’s home. New England during the Civil War in a home in front of the fire and it’s almost Christmas; they’re all sitting around talking and complaining about not being rich and how their father is away to war p.3; Describe each character. What did Laurie tell Jo as they said good-bye? Describe Amy and Laurie’s daughter and how she is similar to Amy’s sister Beth. What made Laurie so upset about the Professor? It's also a good way to kick off a study of letter writing, and students enjoy having their own envelope to address. What did Jo do to contribute to Mrs. March’s travels to go help her husband? In this lesson, students will "use a variety of forms or genres when writing for different audiences." What did Amy notice as she first spent time with Laurie? What was the consequence of Meg buying the silk for the dress? PreK–K, Use the chart paper to model an invitation. Who went from bed to bed looking at each girl and kissing each face? What legal document did Amy write and why was it so important to her? What was included on the “Pickwick Portfolio”? What plan did Jo make while spending the afternoon on Delectable Mountain? Why was Jo so upset with Meg’s engagement? Different strokes for different folks, I guess! Related Resources Describe why Meg struggles with being poor. Beth is the shy, dreamy one, and Amy is pretty and artistic. What did it mean for Jo to “fly” at Laurie and how did he respond? March respond to Meg’s confessions? Why did Sallie Moffat like to be at Meg’s home? What did Mr. Laurence plan to help Laurie get through his heartache? Turn your dramatic play area into a post office. Why was Jo emotional and thrilled at her stories being published? What happened to Meg’s canary a result of her not doing her jobs and taking care of him? Why did Laurie begin to wish he had to work for his daily bread? What was the result of Meg’s reprimand and motherly kindness toward Laurie? Toodles”? The Official Ezra Jack Keats Foundation Web site www.ezra-jack-keats.org, PreK–K,  Why was Jo destined to not enjoy the party? Where did Meg and Jo get to go that made Amy jealous and whine like a spoilt child? What is the setting, the characters’ situation and explain what they’re doing at the beginning of the story? What was Meg’s original plan to tell Mr. Brooke if he asked her to marry him? George Washington’s Breakfast … Why was Meg crying in the kitchen as John arrived home with a friend for dinner? Why didn’t Laurie want to go abroad anymore? It's time for a birthday party, but the invitation goes missing. What did Jo realize about the celebrities she saw at the symposium? Why didn’t the March’s let their Aunt March adopt the girls? What quote did Amy read that helped her love the Chesters? Who came to spend Christmas with Amy in Nice? Try pairing it with Dear Mr. Blueberry, by Simon James. In his great hurry, Peter bumped into Amy. It was Amy! How did MIrs. Try pairing it with Dear Mr. Blueberry, by Simon James.In this lesson, students will "use a variety of forms or genres when writing for different audiences." b. Overview. He has a letter to send to his special friend, Amy. Who came and helped Amy out during the fair? What medicine did Jo’s mom send to help Laurie get better? What did Aunt March say to switch Meg over from acting strangely toward Mr. Brooke to defending him? What did Laurie bring as a gift of joining the P.C.? What motto did the girls come up with to say while Mrs. March was away? What did Aunt March and Aunt Carrol invite Amy to do? They both ran for the letter. What influence did the March girls have on Laurie? Why didn’t the girls want to allow Laurie into their club? What kind of relationship will Laurie and Jo continue to have? What is the metaphor on page 266 that describes Mrs. March’s feelings and what does it mean? By Amy Tan . Dear Fan: You have adjusted your communication style in order to elicit comprehension and an effective response. Oh no, look there’s a storm (point to lightning) and it looks like the wind blew the letter out of his hand. What was the grandest gift on Christmas Day? How did Beth’s family show their love to her as she came closer to death? Aug 30, 2014 - A Letter to Amy by Ezra Jack Keats is so sweet. I wonder if Amy will ever get the letter. Well done! Why was Jo nervous to write another novel? How did the March family spend Christmas day? Growing up in New England during the Civil War, the March sisters share everything — their joys and troubles, their loves and secrets. His books include Peter's Chair, Whistle for Willy, and the timeless classic The Snowy Day. --Massachusetts English/Language Arts Curriculum Framework. She mustn’t see it, or the surprise will be spoiled! What is the setting, the characters’ situation and explain what they’re doing at the beginning of the story? Why did Jo squeeze Demi in the china closet and give him a slice of bread with jelly instead of punishing him? a. Put an R.S.V.P. What motivated the girls to become and do better? Students will use A letter to Amy book found in class. Comprehension (each question is worth 3pts) On the line provided, write the letter of the best answer to each of the following items. What happened to Meg’s hair as Jo curled it? Let’s read to see what happens.” Purpose of Read 2: “I wonder how Peter felt when he thought Amy … Explain why Jo’s heartfelt stories were now accepted and paid for? Students will type text into a word processing document. Why were Amy and Laurie married before coming home? 1–2, View not found. What agreement did Jo and Mr. Bhaer come to? Part I. It is such an unpleasant memory that she refuses to talk about it. Comprehension Questions – Junie B., First Grader Shipwrecked, Comprehension Questions – Junie B., First Grader Aloha-ha-ha, Comprehension Questions – Junie B., First Grader Dumb Bunny, Comprehension Questions – Harry Potter #4 The Goblet of Fire, Comprehension Questions – #2 The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, Comprehension Questions – Deltora Quest #8 Return to Del, Comprehension Questions – Deltora Quest #7 The Valley of the Lost, Comprehension Questions – Deltora Quest #6 The Maze of the Beast, © RiseToReading 2019, All Rights Reserved. What language did Miss Kate encourage Meg to continue learning? Chapter 1 . How did Laurie come by the nickname “Mr. We can present our “sides,” ask questions, and work through issues without having hot words fill the air. What ambitions does Mrs. March have for her daughter? Describe the contrast between Amy’s attitude and Jo’s attitude by the time the girls called at Aunt March’s? What good deed did the March family do on Christmas morning? What was the mischief Laurie got into and why? Who brought the March family such a lovely dinner and why? What did Jo’s parents know about Beth upon their arriving home from the beach? What did Jo decide to do with Plumfield that was left to her by Aunt March? Ezra Jack Keats was a Caldecott Medal-winning picture book author and illustrator. What did the March girls’ father say about each of them? What’s Amy’s dream come true now that she’s married to Laurie? They can use the colored markers to illustrate or decorate the invitation. How did Jo and the boarding-house celebrate the New Year? Meg, the oldest, is the sensible writer.