Frederick the Red: One of Bouchart's lieutenants and commander of the Templar troops in Limassol. She is the secondary antagonist of. Roland Napule: Head of a Templar Hospital in Tyre. Sir William Sleeman: A British soldier and administrator in British India, as well as a Master Templar of the British Rite of the Templar Order. Charles de la Motte: A French marquis, an ally to the commander of the Papal army, Cesare Borgia. However, as the organization spread across the globe, establishing branches in virtually every country, the title of Grand Master came to designate only the leader of regional factions called Rites. Yet, why does Abstergo let him work there? Rexford Kaylock: The gang leader of The Blighters that controlled the area of Whitechapel in London around 1868. He was the ally of Templar Order. Baltasar de Silva: Cesare Borgia's master spy who disguised himself as a barber, he instead gathered information for the Borgia family, particularly on their enemies, the Assassins. In fact, it was their banking business that led King Philip IV of France to force Clement V to disband the order and take its wealth for the failing economy of Philip's kingdom. Charles W. Sandford: An American general, lawyer and businessman. Darius Gift: A British member who was sent to Shanghai to make contact with the Templar Rite in the city. Irreligious;[1][6] Deist[11] During the Italian Renaissance, Templar goals were corrupted by Rodrigo Borgia and his son Cesare into seeking power and domination at all costs, which is far removed from their original noble motive. Create a perfect world where humanity has transcended from its barbaric nature.Be rewarded in the Afterlife by the Father of Understanding.Run Abstergo Industries.Find and study the power and knowledge of the Pieces of Eden as well as the First Civilization.Bring the First Civilization back into existence.Destroy their mortal enemies known as the Assassins. Caïus Fulvus Vultur: A Roman Senator who kill Assassin Aquilus's father Lucius and steal the Ankh. He was also the Grand Master of the American Rite of the Templar Order. Geoffroy de Charny: De Molay's confident who burned alongside his master at the stake. Berenike: An elder Greek statesperson and the Normarch of Faiyum, Hetepi: A Second Priest of Ptah, serving under the High Priest Pasherenptah in Memphis, Taharqa: A grand planner of Sais and a steward of Letopolis, General Gaius Julius Rufio:  A Roman general commanding the Roman forces in Egypt. Chamberlaine wanted to exterminate Nassau, unlike Rogers who wanted to turn the pirates to their side. 2. Before its official founding as a knightly order, they were known under various names, including the Children of Cain and the Order of the Ancients. Pharaoh Smenkhkare founded the Order of the Ancients around 1334 BCE. She was credited with creating an all-female group of ninja, named kunoichi, for her uncle-in-law, Takeda Shingen. The Black Cross is a title bestowed upon the members of a branch within the Templar Order tasked with keeping the Grand Masters of the various Rites in line with the Templar Code and ideals. He served as the Provisional President of the Republic of China in 1912, and co-founded the Kuomintang after the revolution, serving as its first leader. He also was a Grand Master of the Shanghai Rite of the Templar Order. Some Templars such as Colonel George Monro saw themselves and their fellow Templars as benevolent protectors and providers of humanity, an act which caused the assassin turncoat Shay Cormac to defect to the Templar Order. Georges de la Trémoille: The Count of Guînes from 1398 to his death who was an opponent of Jeanne d'Arc. Bouchart's agent: Armand Bouchart's personal agent and secondary antagonist of. Full Name Crimes He was killed by Fiora Cavazza who was hired by Cesare Borgia. Matthew Davenport: A British Army officer. Sir Aubrey Hague: An executive in the East India Company and the father of Matthew Hague. The evilest Templar in Assassin's Creed III was definitely Charles Lee, as proven when he strangled Connor, who was just a young boy at the time.