As with those projects, Rymden also takes its cue more from rock than jazz, even though it retains a jazz sensibility. Stream Amaarae’s Debut Album The Angel You Don’t Know, 20 Songs That Would Result In Copyright Lawsuits If They Were Released Today, Jimmy Kimmel Imagines Chris Stapleton COVID Christmas Album, Watch Oneohtrix Point Never’s Safdie Bros-Directed “Lost But Never Alone” Video, Madlib & Karriem Riggins Revive Jahari Massamba Unit, Share New Single. Kevin Le Gendre, Alice Zawadzki (v, vn, p, ky), Fred Thomas (p, d, ky, perc, clo, db), Rob Luft (g), Misha Mullov-Abbado (db), Hyelim Kim (taegum), Simmy Singh (vn), Laura Senior, Lucy Nolan (vla) and Peggy Nolan (clo). To see each voter’s ballot, skip ahead to page 6 of this feature. You can buy the album here. From the title track’s somber mood giving way to a bluesy swing, to Moment’s Notice’s peppy start-and-stop melody, to Lazy Bird’s bop workout, Blue Train is a delight from start to finish. Featuring new lyrics by Imogen Ryall to an Andy Bey scat solo, the title-track, ‘Believin’ It’, crystallises all of Martin’s outstanding qualities: infallible pocket, dazzling technique, lustrous timbre and phrasing to die for. Branford Marsalis’s current quartet — with pianist Joey Calderazzo, bassist Eric Revis, and drummer Justin Faulkner — has been together for a decade, but this is only their third album, following 2012’s Four MFs’ Playin’ Tunes and 2016’s Upward Spiral with guest vocalist Kurt Elling. Why You Need This Album: Take two of the greatest artists that music has ever known, pair them with a rhythm section of masters, and give them beloved standard fare from the songbook they helped to define and you’ve got one of the most magical albums of jazz. John Fordham. 3. Rec. That some will talk trash about the Marsalis brothers forever is a given. Selwyn Harris, ➜ Read our Brad Mehldau interview: “Playing written music, even my own, is completely not in my comfort zone, and might never be”, Claire Martin (v), Martin Sjöstedt (p), Niklas Fernqvist (b) and Daniel Fredriksson (d). The most important stories and least important memes, every Friday. Alyn Shipton, ➜ Read our Abdullah Ibrahim interview: "In our music there’s no such thing as a mistake and, actually, maybe in life itself there’s no such thing as a mistake either ", Quentin Collins (t, flhn), Meilana Gillard (as), Leo Richardson, Jean Toussaint (ts), Dan Nimmer (p, ky), Joe Sanders (b) and Willie Jones III (d). Dayna Stephens is on tenor sax, and bassist Vicente Archer and drummer Rodney Green are in back. Dave Holland/Zakir Hussain/Chris Potter Good Hope (Edition). March 2017-October 2018. (And if you haven’t heard those albums yet, dive in.). Yet Croker also has a more marked Afro-house sensibility in some of his writing and arranging, which puts the onus as much on soaring unison lines with saxophonist Irwin Hall as it does on the leader’s solos, which blend radiant timbres with spinning phrases. Amazon | iTunes, Artist: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong | Release Year: 1956 What binds all of the music together is Simcock’s fulsome tone, clarity of line and the way in which his seemingly effortless pianism carves out hugely satisfying harmonic journeys. At its softer moments, it has a kind of chamber music feel, but there aren’t that many soft moments. March 2016. Rec. There is a similarly intelligent blend of soulful melodies and hard-edged rhythms, finessed by the engineering of Bob Power, who worked with Hargrove’s star collaborators, Erykah Badu and D’Angelo. Nobody in the history of jazz expressed himself more freely; or with more variety, swing, and sophistication than Duke Ellington. But this captivating project has been smouldering for a long time – Lovano has known and admired adventurous pianist and Anthony Braxton collaborator Marilyn Crispell since the mid-1980s, and versatile percussionist Carmen Castaldi since they played together as Ohio teenagers. This is a quietly intimate dialogue of course, but almost everything in it glows. Rec. Maybe Trilogy 2 is for Chick Corea completists, but it’s premier-league spontaneous music-making for all that. 2018. Ancestral Recall builds on what Scott did on his 2017 trilogy Ruler Rebel, Diaspora, and The Emancipation Procrastination: He combines hip-hop and trap beats, ice-cold electronic atmospheres, and rhythms from across the Afro-Caribbean diaspora to create a swirling cloud of sound, floating over oceans of rhythm. Personnel: Gregory Porter (vocals), Chip Crawford (piano), Emanuel Harrold (drums), Keyon Harrold (trumpet), Aaron James (bass), Kamau Kenyatta (horns), Tivon Pennicott (saxophone), Yosuke Sato (saxophone) Take a peek inside the latest issue of Songlines magazine. But on ‘Barbara’, dedicated to Barbara Thompson’s ongoing creativity despite her chronic illness, there are jazz rock themes, a playing with tempo and rhythms that echo yet develop Thompson’s work over the decades. Browse the top jazz trombone albums to find new music and discover artists. Many of the pieces are his; others are by saxophonist Tom Harrison, a frequent associate who was unable to make the session, Gillard being his replacement. Though not led by a trombone player, I think the album Out of the Cool by the Gil Evans Orchestra is worth mentioning. Rec. Considine, Morgan Enos, Steve Greenlee, Geoffrey Himes, Matthew Kassel, Ken Micallef, Mac Randall, Britt Robson, Jeff Tamarkin, and Chris J. Walker, 1. But for now, check out the 10 discs below, as they are uniformly tremendous, while demonstrating the vast breadth of jazz in 2019. This is a complex, thoughtful album that you can throw on at a party. Rec. Check out our list of 10 albums to get you started on your jazz journey and introduce you to some of jazz's great artists. Branch delivers fierce, polemical lyrics on two tracks here; her murmuring but still impassioned voice complements her piercing, white-hot trumpet perfectly. Eleven gorgeous Latin-inflected alt-jazz art songs are capped by a rendition of “This Is Not America” that’s both a tribute to heroes David Bowie and Pat Metheny and a deeply personal lament. 2. With many artists and extensive catalogues of music, a new jazz listener can feel intimidated. Andy Robson, ➜ Read our Thomas Morgan interview: “For me music has always been the most natural and the deepest way to share something with people”, Joe Lovano (ts, tarogato, perc), Marilyn Crispell (p) and Carmen Castaldi (d, perc). While a grand scale of ideas has become one of AEC’s signes particuliers the group also excels on folk-like laments, such as the popular ‘Odwalla’, the reprise of which is as affecting as ever. Instead, he blends his custom horns into the music, not so much taking the lead as dancing in the middle of the circle. It was a year of major anniversaries, too: ECM turned 50, as did the Art Ensemble Of Chicago and Miles Davis’ In A Silent Way. Taking a page from the boogaloo playbook, the piece Sidewinder may stand as one of the funkiest hard bop tunes set to record. Rava’s ‘Interiors’ is a slowly swaying, film-noirish opener in which the trumpeter accelerates from a pure-toned theme to fast improv ascents paced by long turning notes – shadowed by Lovano’s plaintively eloquent tenor – before the band begins veering between punchy grooves and free-floating passages. Start With: East of the Village Avishai Cohen’s ballad ‘The Opening’ has a Bill-Evans-meets-Abdullah-Ibrahim piano intro and a wistful, tone-shifting melody, and Coltrane’s ‘Crescent’ is a trumpet soliloquy of soft ascents, octave-hopping strides and airy top notes. Amazon | iTunes, Artist: Lee Morgan | Release Year: 1963 A stunning achievement from the inventive pianist whose daring projects keep us guessing. Sarah Tandy splits keyboard duties with Joe Armon-Jones, but it’s her Rhodes’ glistening, slow flow which adds impressionistic colour, on ‘Mirrors’ especially. Roberts has kept her conceptual focus and creative engine finely tuned to deliver work that has structural invention and a deep poignancy that should move anybody interested in real lives. J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding - The Great Kai & J. J. Jazz is often uplifting and life-affirming, but the sad fact is that many of its greatest figures left us too soon. Producer Toussaint adds his sinuous tenor to two tracks. Here are my top 5 favorite Trombone players: This thread generated 24 artist nominations while a few topping the leaderboard as personal favorites so far, so Let's take a look: I am particularly interested to know more your favorite Albums for each corresponding artist..As I for one want to learn from your choices and see which one shares the same taste in music styles so as to ask advice or provide a review, etc.. Earlier in 2020, to celebrate our golden anniversary, we conducted five separate readers’ polls asking you to tell us your top 10 jazz albums for … Read More “Top 10 Jazz Albums of the 2000s: Readers’ Picks”, Earlier in 2020, to celebrate our golden anniversary, we conducted five separate readers’ polls asking you to tell us your top 10 jazz albums for … Read More “Top 10 Jazz Albums of the 1990s: Readers’ Picks”, Earlier in 2020, to celebrate our golden anniversary, we conducted five separate readers’ polls asking you to tell us your top 10 jazz albums for … Read More “Top 10 Jazz Albums of the 1980s: Readers’ Picks”, Our Before & After listening sessions have always been big reader favorites; according to our surveys, B&A is consistently one of the first sections of … Read More “The Best of Before & After: #TimesUp Edition”, America's jazz resource, delivered to your inbox. September 2018. Bugge Wesseltoft, for his jazztronica innovations with his New Conception of Jazz and Berglund and Öström for their contribution to the highly influential EST, the piano trio that gave birth to a million other contemporary Euro-jazz piano trios. We’ll all tip our hat to that: but what’s the music like? Saxophone, bass, and drums make a relatively standard trio—except when the drums are tablas, and the player is Zakir Hussain. Kevin Le Gendre, ➜ Read our Michael Janisch interview: “People have become so tribal, which is what humans do anyway. Drummer Allison Miller has been leading Boom Tic Boom since 2010. 30-31 October 2018. All rights reserved. That’s a group capable of doing everything from straightforward hard bop to abstract, time-warping soundscapes, and they do so on this album. Celebrate Thelonious Monk by getting to know the legend through his son’s memories. That outgoing mood is sustained in Monk’s ‘Skippy’ with Guyton’s piccolo making the running. ) 2020 NYC's breadth of unique venues across town include legendary landmark locations, contemporary elegant lounges & no-frills bebop joints that provide a diverse community of swinging experiences. Amazon | iTunes, Artist: John Coltrane | Release Year: 1957 On this fourth volume, she’s joined by Hannah Marcus on guitars, fiddle, and accordion; Sam Shalabi on guitar and oud; Steve Swell on trombone; Ryan White on vibraphone; bassist Nicolas Caloia; and percussionist Ryan Sawyer. New to jazz and not sure where to start? What has kept this album in the limelight and in listeners’ hearts for so many years is the unending sense of effortless swing, the magnificently catchy melodies, and the beautifully choreographed dance between four luminaries of music. The trombone is used in classical and orchestral music, but is also incredibly common in jazz music as well. Grenfell Tower’s stubborn symbol of murderous social schism stands accusingly at the record’s heart, as ‘Wake (for Grenfell)’ turns a Langston Hughes line into a mournful work-song chant, pointedly soured by Kinoshi’s tart alto tone.