This disruption causes the pest to experience convulsions, paralysis and then death. This contains microscopic creatures called nematodes that are a natural enemy of vine weevils. We suggest you read up about them on the internet before buying to ensure they are correct for you. Pitcher is the new biorational pesticide for the suppression of Black Vine Weevil eggs and early stage instar larvae. Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer is just the thing for gardeners who have had their pot and border plants mysteriously killed by the underground, root-feeding menace of vine weevil larvae. The product is available from some garden centres, but has to be kept it in a fridge. Sevin is a trade name for carbaryl, which has been used as a broad-spectrum insecticide for over 50 years. Carbaryl exposure can trigger minor rashes, headaches, muscle weakness, shaking, dizziness, abdominal cramping and sweating. You can usually achieve control of root weevil populations by using Sevin products. Sevin effectively kills root weevils that eat or touch the insecticide. Pop it into a watering can, mix with water and sprinkle it on. Root weevils are common pests of numerous plants, including vegetables, berries and ornamental shrubs. Diatomaceous earth is a mild abrasive containing 0.1% crystalline silica. Remove mulch and other hiding places from around plants and water only when necessary (larvae and adults prefer moist soil). Will Sevin Kill Root Weevils?. Using a basic watering can, the nematodes can be applied to the soil between March and October. Although carbaryl breaks down in the environment after killing the weevils, the chemical is toxic to bees and aquatic invertebrates. Adult vine weevils are pretty resistant to sprays. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Store unused Sevin products in their original containers that you keep in a cool, dry location away from kids and pets. Black vine weevil (BVW) is probably more common than strawberry root weevil or rough strawberry root weevil in New England. Two nematodes are effective against vine weevils, Steinernema kraussei (the most common and easy to use) and Heterorhabditis megidis (not so easy to buy and we could not find any in the UK). Avoid applying a Sevin product to blooming plants or to vegetation located near a water source, storm drain or gutter. After applying Sevin to plants, wait for the liquid to dry or the dust to settle before re-entering the area. 3. Nematodes can be used safely on all edible and ornamental plants A trap containing nematodes (Steinernema carpocapsae), is available for … This is normally applied as a drench to the soil. Place a newspaper, a tray or something else that will catch these flightless beetles and ‘knock’ the plant to dislodge them. Keep in mind that Sevin products only work on adult root weevils, and you'll obtain optimal control if you spray your plants at night when the pests are out feeding on your plants. Reduce your risk of exposure by wearing long sleeves, pants, socks and shoes, protective eye wear and rubber or latex gloves when spraying for root weevils. Spacing out the applications this way helps ensure that you kill emerging adult females before they can lay eggs. Sevin insecticides come in various formulations, including dusts and concentrates. The only effective 'spray' that we have been happy with is Provado Vine Weevil Killer 2 (Bayer) which contains Thiacloprid - which seems to be the only effective chemical at time of writing (Dec 2010). Weevils are most active in the evening hours. Regularly inspect the leaves for signs of damage at the edges which may indicate the adult vine weevils are active. The North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension recommends waiting about a week after you first spot root weevils to start treating the pests with Sevin. Beneficial nematodes can help control black vine weevils in the larval stage. It is best to physically remove them. Always carefully read and follow the application instructions and safety precautions on a Sevin product's label. NON-CHEMICAL CONTROL OF VINE WEEVIL. Per Page: Triple Threat Beneficial Nematodes - Sf, Sc, Hb. If you wish to spot them, we recommend that you head into your garden at night with a flashlight, as they will be difficult to spot during the day. Dust formulations typically work better on plants lower than chest height, while liquid formulations are better to use on taller plants. Sort by. They are available online and at garden centres. As non-flying insects, weevils travel from plant to plant by walking. The life cycle and management of these weevils are the same. Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer is the perfect solution for controlling the vine weevil grubs in the soil but adults can be very evasive and much more difficult to eradicate. ICL UK/Ire Professional Horticulture 225 subscribers It absorbs the waxy cuticle of weevils, ants, and other insects — killing them within 48 hours of application. HOW TO TREAT VINE WEEVIL There are three well-known methods to treat vine weevil and it's best to utilise at least two of them if you are to win the battle against this formidable pest. It stands to reason then, that Tanglefoot Sticky Barrier should form the first line of defense. Please see the control products listed below. For information about different species of weevil click here. Apply the solution to your target plants until the undersides and tops of leaves, twigs, stems and any fruit clusters glisten with moisture. 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