Aside from HoH, again, there are very few BAs that allow this weapon to stand out, aside from perhaps the aerial BA that turns your triangle attack into an extended three-hit vertical spin, which helps with staying aggressive in the air. Unless you're spamming Charge Glide, nothing doing. This legendary SMG can be obtained randomly from any suitable loot source. Overkill is the highest-damaging single hit in the game, and if you can manage to get off two fully charged Overkills on a downed Aragami's weak spot, it'll probably die. Boost Drive is still good for closing distance mid-combo, but if the enemy moves too far away, you'd be better off Diving. Please see respective articles for their list. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, Just like in Rage Burst, the Boost Hammer here retains its ability to perform highly aggressive sustained combos. The slightly longer reach and better pursuit options outside of combos give the Heavy Moon an edge over the Biting Edge, but the slower attacks and sluggish recovery frames leave you more open. Survivability: 6/10. The ability to air step out of harm's way during an aerial combo, and to cancel the air step into another one with an air square attack, means that you will never lose your target even if the Aragami moves around. Even though they drop from specific bosses, they are not a 100% drop chance. While its raw stats and damage output are normally quite low, its true merit lies in its Blade Special Action, which combines the two blades and transforms the weapon into Glaive Form, which allows for infinite combos (at the cost of stamina) both on the ground and (with the proper Burst Art) in the air, highly aggressive distance-closing options, boosted damage, and the added feature of increasing damage after attacking for a certain amount of time. ), Burst Arts (the damage potential and utility of BAs specifically), and survivability (how much proper use of each weapon puts you at risk of taking damage and being knocked out). A surprise entrant in S Tier that I honestly didn't expect, the Long Blade may have lost Tornado Rush and Rising Dragon, but the Burst Arts it gained in exchange more than make up for this. Damage Potential: 6/10. Figure I'd do what I do best and apply my analytical abilities to trying to work out some semblance of a tier list for the melee weapons in GE3. Utility: 9/10. This legendary shotgun can be obtained randomly from any suitable loot source. Clearing them with an OPQ system vs a Recursion shows that the recursion has its place in the list. Even when facing a rank 7 Aragami, the battle might as well be over if you can break a part and position yourself at point-blank range with full stamina. However, while not as... demonically powerful as the Biting Edge, the Heavy Moon nonetheless offers superb damage output at far higher survivability. This page contains a list of all common weapon titles in Borderlands 3. With having to be at point-blank range constantly, coupled with the Glaive form's stamina drain, you'll probably be dying a lot until you get the hang of stamina management and reverting to dual form to retreat. I will try my best to eliminate personal bias, but again, this list is based primarily on my own personal use frequency and playstyle, which favors highly aggressive play. You name it! Players have received Flakker from Graveward, Katagawa Jr., and Genevieve. Disclaimer: All posts reflect MY opinions, not yours. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Assault rifles aren't really "Bad" persay. Air step away, then air step right back in. The Short Blade doesn't really have many options for high damage. DLC ONLY Tier List. God Tier. Retaining much of its same functionality from Rage Burst, the Boost Hammer is still functionally a shorter, more aggressive Buster Blade, with the same upsides and downsides to Boost Ignition, which will be your bread and butter and in which you will be spending most of your time. Its Blade Special Action allows the player to perform a backflip, but this is among the worst BSAs in the game, with its only utility being for emergency escapes. Additionally, Overkill does allow for easy bond breaks if you hit an Aragami right, but to pull this off to its maximum capacity, the Aragami will need to be Downed or Held already, and even then there are other weapons/BAs that can pull off the multiple part break just as well. OP didn't make it though. Aside from Deadly Glide, you don't really have any super viable pursuit options, and the slow speed of the weapon means your combo-chained movement options are few and far between. Aside from Execution, this weapon has nothing going for it for competitive, viable damage options. Some weapons can be often overlooked simply because they are only effective in the hands of one character. That's because of its increased accuracy and incredibly high fire rate. Rowan's Call can also return bullets to the magazine while getting critical hits, just like King's Call. Graveward and TVHM are good ways to get this weapon. This legendary guns tier list will show you the best of them. Burst Arts: 9/10. Despite the weapon's slow speed, it has a very long reach, meaning that you'll be beyond the reach of many Aragami's more dangerous attacks such as the Havakiri's spin if you attack from far enough away. Damage Potential: 7.5/10. FULL Weapon Tier List. I will be judging weapons on the following categories: overall damage potential (plainly, how much damage the weapon is capable of dealing), utility (things like mobility, auxiliary actions, etc. However, it lacks the presence of BAs as viable as Halo Assault or Moonlight Blade, letting it fall off in that department. Aside from the Astral Dive stand-in, the Short Blade doesn't really have much of anything going for it.