And the Park opened for me from a new perspective. I’d say more then 5-7 guests would be crowded. Make your trip to New York City an unforgettable experience. We design our packages with couples like you in mind; we will provide you with a Fun, Intimate, and Stress Free experience on their big day. You’ll walk see Wagner Cove from the path on your left. Amplified music is not allowed unless you have special permission. Done-for-you wedding packages for elopements and intimate ceremonies. These times of year the park is especially beautiful, and lacks the heat or cold extremes of either summer or winter. •If it’s a skyline view you’re looking for, Cat Rock is my recommendation. Le Image Inc had the great pleasure of providing the New York elopement photography for couple, Raquel and Gregory. However, if you would like to formally reserve one of the pavilions or have chairs or more guests a permit is required. You can’t stroll through the park on a weekend without seeing at least one wedding party. Subway: You can enter and walk north from the 72nd Street B/C Stop or walk a few blocks south from the 81st Street B/C Station. Central Park wedding permit* Walkthrough of wedding ceremony Wedding day coordination: includes securing the ceremony area, escorting guests to the location, coordinating with vendors, and ensuring everything runs smoothly Central Park Elopement: Katherine and Zak / March 14, 2020 by Ryan Brenizer. Just note that as the day goes on, the crowds increase. Even before, I was visiting Central Park almost every day, but that was mostly for photoshoots. You’ll enter there and then follow the paths to your left. I’m happy to offer back-up ideas and can switch locations pretty last minute. Wagner Cove is a tiny pavilion hidden down a little staircase just by the Cherry Hill Fountain. Let’s start planning your elopement. It really depends on what your needs are for your wedding or elopement. “Project Cupid” – How to get your NYC Online Marriage Licence, Ilan & Cristina – Central Park Elopement Video. More information can be found on the Boathouse website. There are a few spots to get married in the garden, the two most frequently used are either around the lily pond reflecting pool on the south side or up in the terrace. •The Lake/Ramble: There are lots of gorgeous views all around the Lake and at various outcroppings in the paths of the Ramble. Privacy? •Ladies Pavilion: One of the most popular spots in the park for a wedding. If you are aiming for summer, I’d say your best bet is to go for early morning or evening to avoid the heat of the day. Have faith, and magic may come. Sunset is also beautiful in Central Park, there are just a few more crowds to deal with then at sunrise. As an elopement photographer, most of my clients are coming from out of town. A City Parks wedding permit is $25. The Conservatory Garden is the only formal garden in Central Park. 1 hour photography, Ceremony, Bouquet and Boutonniere. Have more questions? Fun Intimate Wedding & Elopements Central Park, New York City, is one of the most romantic destinations in the world to elope. I regularly work with excellent officiants with reasonable rates. We are offering bookings and gift certificates for elopements at a special rate of $200 per half-hour … and if you then book a bigger wedding later, we will offer an extra 10 percent off on top of any other discounts. You can apply for those online here: Central Park Wedding Permit. I walk here with my dog, go for a run, for hike and picnics. People can see from across the cove, but you won’t be in amongst a crowd so it has a much more private feeling. While you will have the possibility of people strolling by, this area of the park is usually very quiet, especially for weekday elopements. If you’re looking for privacy for your Central Park Elopement, this is about as close as you’re going to get in a public park. Subway: The closest subway stop is either the 57th Street F or 5th Ave/59th Street NQR. While not required, if you are getting married at one of the more popular spots like the Ladies Pavilion or Cop Cot it can be a good idea to have the space reserved for you, especially if you’re getting married in busy season. Perfect for eloping travelers. It’s on the East Side and is usually fairly quiet. Wagner Cove: Wagner Cove is closest to the 72nd Street entrance to Central Park on the West Side. Katherine and Zak are clearly magical creatures. One of the most intimate and romantic ceremonies that we offer is the candlelight elopement ceremony in Central Park. It’s located right above Wollman Rink just south of the Mall. call us at (917)-300-3034 Central Park … The carriage horses are a very contentious issue in NYC. This shelter also has benches on either side. A Central Park Elopement. Many couples are very interested in weddings in Central Park, it’s one of the most popular spots for wedding photography in the city. However, if you need places for a grandparent to sit, it’s perfect. •The Ramble: There are a few spots in the Ramble that are quite secluded. If you want to avoid the tourists, head this way. •Gapstow Bridge: Either in front of or behind the bridge offers some lovely views of the Central Park South skyline. When these Australians came to us and said “We would like to get married and then shoot portraits in Central Park in February, and the entire time I will be wearing a fabulous mini-dress,” we thought “Ok, we’re up for anything, but you do know February is a bit different than where you're from, right?”. You can have a chair or two if you have guests who can not stand for long periods of time. Cop Cot: This larger pavilion is in the southern area of the park up on a small hill just past the entrance on Central Park South. It also doubles as a spot that’s good for privacy. But we’ve waited long enough. Most of the weddings I photograph in Central Park tend to have 5 or fewer guests. They cost $15 per hour and are cash only. There are lots of drivers right around the Boathouse Restaurant and at the entrance to the park around Columbus Circle and the Plaza Hotel. Subway: This spot is a bit of a walk from the nearest subway stop off the 6 Train at 68th Street. This is a total personal preference. •Shakespeare Garden: If you get married in the front of the garden, there are two benches, one on either side, perfect to seat a grandparent or two. Views? The best places in Central Park for privacy at your wedding ceremony: •Wagner Cove: I’m so pleased this space has re-opened as of February 2016. This is the perfect Central Park Elopement Package for couples that want all the magic, without the stress. If you’re willing to hop around the rocks a bit, you can get some lovely views of the skyline from across the lake in a spot that’s a bit more unique then the Ladies Pavilion. Amber and Trent came from DC to elope in Central Park in New York and they got some beautiful fall colors for their celebration. If I had to chose? Knot by the Sea Weddings is a boutique New York City Elopement Packages business specializing in Central Park Weddings. I am extremely partial to sunrise in Central Park. It was a glorious decision for us, and we want to help others have the same flexibility. We are a husband and wife team working with best in class vendors to make your wedding experience unique and unforgettable. I would say spring with all the cherry blossoms, or fall with the changing leaf colors. It’s usually very quiet as not many people ever make their way to this part of the park. Other packages include Flowers, Champagne, Horse Carriage Ride & even a Limousine. Since they are magical creatures, they also had the luck of a deserted Bethesda Terrace, making a fabulous background for beginning their new life. I love them! We pride ourselves in providing an affordable, stress free & magical experience to our eloping and marrying couple. For Katherine and Zak, we had the unique opportunity to plan not only to location of each portrait, but the exact location of the ceremony. Central Park Weddings & Elopements – New York City Wedding Officiant. Walk down into the park and follow the walking path across the main park drive. If you’d like to take a pedicab, we can certainly do that. If you’re looking to find a spot that older guests can take a seat, my recommendations are: •Cop Cot: This is one of the largest shelters in the park and has plenty of seating on the benches. The Central Park rowboats are open for use when the weather is nice, generally spring, summer and fall from 10am to sundown. However, it’s HUGE, so knowing where in the park you’re headed is key. You do not need a permit if you have under 20 guests. And then the day came … glorious, sunny, 65 degrees. I’m always happy to help! Whether you want to get married in the rain is entirely up to you. A guide to common wedding ceremony destinations for subway and/or what to tell your taxi driver is below. According to Central Park official rules, decorations are not allowed nor is the throwing of rice/confetti/flowers, etc.