No, your membership number does not change on your move to alpha. You will get a pension if you either have two or more years’ qualifying service or have brought a transfer in from another pension arrangement. When you change an EPA option, you are cancelling the original and replacing it with a new EPA option. Full retirement is for members who want to start accessing their pension, and are ready to leave work completely. Register for tailored emails with our latest research, news, blogs and events on public employment policy or human resources topics. If this section applies to you, please read it carefully to understand what benefits are available for your family from both parts of your pension. This payment is replaced automatically by their actual PCSPS pension once they reach the Normal Pension Age of that scheme usually age 60 or age 65. Annual Allowance is the maximum value of the growth in your pension savings each year that can benefit from tax relief. If you were a member of nuvos the pension you have earned when you move to alpha will be banked and added to any pension you earn in alpha. If your spouse, civil partner, or partner is more than 12 years younger than you, the pension they receive will be reduced. You should tell them it is for use in divorce / dissolution proceedings. A guide to what you can receive and the options you will get if you leave with less than two years’ service. We have produced an estimator that will be made available on the Civil Service Pensions website to allow you to see what the cost will be in the current year. You can increase the pension you can get by paying more to buy: Added pension is an additional pension that you can choose to buy. The start of your new lower rate of pension is backdated to the effective date stipulated in the court order. If you claim your pension before its NPA it will be reduced for early payment. The changes will see the State Pension age rise to 65 for women between 2010 and 2018, and then to 66, 67 and 68 for both men and women. You can find tips on finding an Independent Financial Adviser by visiting the Financial Conduct Authority website: You (or your solicitor) must tell the Scheme Administrator (MyCSP) in writing, the terms (or what the terms are expected to be) of the court order when you know them. If you die while you are still an active member of alpha, or when you have a preserved pension, or after you claim your alpha pension, the scheme provides benefits that are paid to your eligible dependants. It does not cover every aspect of alpha. There are various tools available on the Civil Service Pensions website that you can use to estimate how much pension you may get at the time you want to claim it. There are two main types of transfer, a Club transfer and a non-Club transfer. Your employer will deduct these contributions from your salary. For most people this is age 60. If you do not confirm your intention to transfer within this three month period, the transfer value will be re-calculated and it may be higher or lower than the original amount. Partial retirement allows members to take some or all of their pension and carry on working. Your pension is worked out at your retirement date. The SMA will set a review date that can be up to five years after the original decision. If the growth in your pension savings over the tax year are more than the Annual Allowance, you might have to pay a tax charge based on the amount of the Annual Allowance. There is more information about minimum pension age available in the main scheme booklets. Maternity, paternity and adoption leave. Your employer (in some circumstances) can top-up your compensation if it is not enough to buy out the reduction in your PCSPS benefits.