In the fourth season when Emma has magic, the Evil Snow Queen gets to Emma, getting her to believe that her parents had Neal to replace her as a normal child. For several seconds as this occurs, Hook does nothing, until he takes in the darkness and has Emma kill him, which she tearfully does. Merlin manages to loosen his grip on Mary Margaret and Hook breaks free to force Arthur into dropping Excalibur. While her husband sees his infant daughter in a basket, Snow White sees her teenage daughter in a pink gown. Suddenly, Emma sees her vision again, accompanied by the tremors. At first, Emma is angry and upset that Neal left her AND-AND DOES not want him engaged with Tamara. Discovering footage of Cruella and Ursula taking the box, she informs her parents, although they both claim they were too suspicious of the women earlier and have since calmed down. Later in the day, Emma runs into Archie again, except this time the Evil Queen is disguised as him, and she tells him about the possibility of her vision not coming true if Aladdin is still alive. They begin leaving after finding no sign of Jefferson anywhere. They hurry to the nuns, who are mysteriously gone, so everyone regroups at the sheriff station. Unfortunately, Emma has to use her magic to separate Mr. Gold and Neal apart. In Season 3b, Killian and Emma are reunited and Killian gives her a potion that makes her remember who she really is and takes them to Storybrooke again. Emma simply begs for mercy, so Regina attempts to force into her Savior role by kidnapping her parents. I will not kill innocents. As justification for her lies, Emma explains her assumption that Neal would never reenter her life and that she wanted to hide her past. She finds her family and Merida looking up information on Hades at the library, where she has a meltdown over Hook, whom she knows is unable to move on from the Underworld because of her. She calls Michael, and when he arrives, she convinces him to take the children in. Emma, infuriated at her presence, moves to confront the witch, but is held back by Mary Margaret. He takes her to a road in the woods and confronts Emma with the truth—that she is the savior and must save everyone from the curse. Upon discovering Hook's ship is still in port, the pirate offers to assist them in finding Henry. From Belle, they learn a hair sample, from someone who has been under Ingrid's curse, can make a counter spell. With her parents, they decide to place Regina in a jail cell for protection and then confront Mr. Gold for his misdeeds. Emma, Regina and Mary Margaret then prepare to fight the beast, but before Cerberus gets to them, Hades calls his pet off and steps out to confront the group. With the real Snow and David looking for the wand, Emma goes to check in with Mr. Gold and Belle as they are attempting to talk to the restrained Gideon about where his heart is hidden. She goes to check up on Hook, but then traps him. ("Child of the Moon"), While Emma is confused as to Henry and Aurora could possibly share the same dream, Mary Margaret speaks up and informs the group she has been to the land that Aurora mentioned before. Emma comes out to welcome Hook back and then pops back into the house to make a snack, while Hook stays outside to study the ring box with a conflicted expression before snapping it closed. Though this is supposed to be the first meeting between the destined lovers, Emma accidentally breaks a branch; causing a startled Snow White to flee. On Mr. Gold's request, Emma gives chase. Regina tries to persuade her to not disappoint Henry and just leave town now. ("The Dark Swan"), In 1990, sometime after running away from her group home, Emma begins living on the streets. Before Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff through the magical door for home, Emma and Elsa share a hug before Elsa departs for her home ("Heroes and Villains").