Voter Service Center Staff Application (PDF). Legislative Assembly, 2019 to be held on 11-04-2019 – Financial Authorisation – Concession in T.A. పోలింగ్ సమయంలో అందరినీ మానిటర్ చేసే బాధ్యత కూడా పీఓదే. It is a special job profile created under the EC guidelines where the micro observer reports deviations in the polling process in the polling station to the General Observer of the constituency. He/she also ensures that the indelible ink is intact on the elector’s forefinger before letting him/her go into the voting compartment. Election Officers are trained to set up the Voter Service C enters, assist voters and maintain ballot security and voting equipment. They will receive a stipend for each day they work. These rates will come into force prospectively and will have no retrospective effect. You have entered an incorrect email address! 1. All Election Officers are required to attend assigned training classes. 3. Cause List / Delimitation Notice by Months. We require that all Election Officers are at their assigned Voter Service Center by their scheduled time. as you are able. And 2 days for polling day, subject to the condition that such number of training are actually attended and record. The election will be conducted in seven phases until 19 May and votes will be counted on 23 May. The officer has to ensure that electors produce EPIC or any of the other identification document as specified by the EC. Duties of the Presiding Officer Presiding Officers are responsible for the conduct of the ballot in the polling station and they should have a sound knowledge of the voting procedures. The class length can range from 2 to 4 hours. MINISTRY … [Read more...], Rate of Remuneration to the Officials Deployed on Election Duty In regard to applicable allowances if any to the staff deployed in connection with the elections shall be as per the orders by the Government in General Administration (Elections-C) Department for conduct of General Elections, 2019 vide G.O third read above. OP Duties, APO Duties and Other Polling Officers duties download in telugu. ELECTIONS – General Elections to the House of People & A.P. 1 day for training and 1 day for attending the duty on counting day. OPO / 1st polling officer duty in telugu 2nd polling officer duty 2020 first polling officer duty video, duties of polling officer in election March 2020, first time voters in 2020, other polling officer duties, duty of 4th polling officer for election duty list of polling officer 2020. Training classes will be $35.00 per class. 2000 for Section officer and Master Trainer respectively. ... District Election Officer Sri Uma Shankar Singh, IAS. The District Election Officers carry out all work relating to registration of voters, printing of voters list, management of national and local level elections, training of polling personnel and all logistical arrangements for elections.