Design and development of Mobile phone using Modem, Graphical LCD, buzzer and Touchscreen based keypad. Frequency Locked Loop DC Motor speed monitoring and control system. Create a variety of snowflakes with these 3 STEM engaging challenges. Voice Controlled AC Fan motor speed control system with 20 levels speed selection. Engineering science fair projects can involve designing, building, analyzing, modeling, or improving a device. Location driven car music player. Simple machines are in every piece of machinery in a factory. Very useful for Civil engineers. Virtual wireless dancing bells for classical dancers. Microcontroller and RF transceiver based chatting application with Touchscreen keyboard implementation. Kids learn how to make a simple electric motor in this great engineering science fair project that teaches them how current generates its own magnetic field. Our mechanical engineering project kits help developers, students build efficient mechanical engineering projects using efficient design technology. RS485 based SCADA system for longer distance powered devices. (supports voice operated SIM card address book access and new number dialing). GPS based vehicle travel location-logging system. Wireless Heartbeat Monitoring and Alert system. Also records the destination of each employee home. Telugu Tutor with dynamic text and Images identification for elementary school kids. J2ME Java Enabled mobile phone controlled bluetooth Robot. Senior Design Project Coordinator, COVID-19 Information for Incoming Graduate Students, Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. GPS and Graphical display based tourist-guiding system with Touchscreen keyboard input for dynamic location recording. The College of Engineering builds real-world engineering practice into the undergraduate curriculum to ensure that all students gain abilities and insight in the process of teaming with other engineers to identify a problem, brainstorm solutions, and then design… ARM LPC2148/2138 based remote power meter monitoring system. we could build out of LEGO® bricks that could be powered with the wind from an electric fan. GPS based office cab monitoring system very useful for the safety of female employees. Compact and Efficient Fluid Power Competition: Additive manufactured excavator cab, Design of a Solar Powered Lemur Heating and Cooling System (for Johnson Controls and the Lemur Conservation Foundation), Design of an ICU Bed Head Angle Measurement System (for Carle Foundation Hospital and Shell Oil Company), Design for optimized heat flow across a bolted/gasketed interface (for Boeing), Surgical pad control box design (for Innoventor), Industrial burner redesign for reduced weight (for Eclipse), Bridge impactor design for fault detection (for Civil Engineering), Cold aisle containment design to save cooling cost (for NSCA), Design of an affordable human-powered water pump for Cambodia that utilizes local materials and manufacturing techniques (humanitarian project, sponsored by Shell), Design of a waterside economizer predicted to save over $2M/year in cooling costs (for NCSA Blue Waters supercomputer), Steve Zahos SMS based remote SIM card’s address book access system. Construction of central control unit for Irrigation water pumps. Advanced GPS based navigator for illiterates. Do some delicious engineering with this fun snack mix machine STEM challenge. Graphical LCD and Memory stick (MMC/SD card) based textbook reading system. Accelerometer (Gyroscope) Controlled Robot. GSM based Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates. Engineering activities for kids that will get their brains and bodies moving! Want to inspire a lifelong love of life-science engineering while developing vital 21st century skills?