I've had all devices (TV, phones, PCs, tablets, and laptops) all connected to the router at one time or another. Upgrading router firmware varies with every router, but there are some similar steps to take. Verify that you’re using the right SSID (router name) and security key. The content remains unbiased and authentic. Log in to begin and let us refresh your equipment. Most newer routers have a page in the admin interface that will check for firmware updates and let you upgrade directly like shown below. Test your other devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You need to forget the Wi-Fi network and then enter the new password. You can flush DNS to ensure it isn’t causing any trouble. Enter the Wi-Fi password or Wi-FI password (WPA2 key). If you have [...], The best way to troubleshoot internet or TV problems is a reboot. It’s possible to connect to your wireless router and still have no internet connection. We can help you further troubleshoot the problem and schedule a service appointment if needed. This can be adjusted by changing the subnet mask on the router from to The FiOS® marks are owned by Verizon Trademark Services LLC and used under license. It's easy to change your Wi-Fi network name and password with the MyFrontier mobile app. If there’s a problem with any of these devices, then you’ll see errors like connected but no internet or no internet connection messages. It’s possible that you may have changed it and are using the old password. To do so, follow these steps: To do so, follow these steps: Launch the Command Prompt, and make sure that you right-click on its icon and select the “Run as Administrator” option beforehand. Recently, random devices have had issues with Internet connectivity. Similarly, if you have two firewalls on one computer, they can conflict and block internet traffic. That is, there is no internet access. Since there is no particular reason for this connectivity problem, there are a number of possible fixes. Step 4: Delete the entry under DNS servers and first enter Google DNS i.e., That is, there is no internet access. The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. Check whether your WiFi is turned on or enabled on your device. The easiest way to resolve this is to add your MAC address to the list of approved ones. If it’s only your computer or your mobile device, it could be a misconfigured setting on that particular device. Suddenly, there I have several devices that will say they are connected to the router but there's no internet access. However, if it’s only with your Windows computer, there could be an issue with the network settings. If you still have no internet connection after restarting the modem and router, try the next step. Step 3: Tap on Configure DNS and choose Manual. Firewalls prevent unwanted network traffic from disrupting your computer’s normal functions, but they can also malfunction and block genuine traffic. Unable to find your answer here? Re-enter the wireless password and try to connect again. It's random. Our Verizon Wi-Fi boasts enough bandwidth for you to connect multiple devices simultaneously for a fast connection throughout the day. We hope the steps described here will help you solve your connection issue. The default password/key is also shown on the label. However, if your router is old, go with the WPA/WPA2 mode. I'm using the new gateway Verizon router, 75/75Mbps service. Step 1: Open Settings and go to Mobile Data. The cable connecting the broadband home router to the FiOS. Many times, even though our iPhone and iPad show the connected to Wi-Fi symbol, the internet doesn’t work in reality. LawrenceC. While doing that will not delete any data, it will reset network connections such as Wi-Fi, mobile data, etc. If nothing worked after resetting your router and network, you likely have faulty equipment. Since it may have bit the dust. She has been writing about technology for 3+ years and also has her own Wikipedia page. It's really weird. It’s hard to imagine that just two decades ago, only about one percent of the world’s population was online. For that, follow these steps: Step 1: Under Settings on your phone, go to Wi-Fi. Try searching, Verizon Fios Community Terms of Service and User Guidelines. However, if the setting is already enabled, try switching it off and see if there is any difference in Wi-Fi. But if it’s still solid and there’s no internet connection, check with your ISP if there’s an outage. Go to the router’s hardware version. On my phone, tablet., and firestick. Sometimes, unrecognizable characters in the Wi-Fi name also hamper its working. So my "second office" (ie a public estabishment) has free wifi, but every day I go there  I can connect to their wifi but get "no internet connection" message. HDG Explains : How Does Augmented Reality Work? I'm not sure if that's right. I've had all devices (TV, phones, PCs, tablets, and laptops) all connected to the router at one time or another.