I also do not recommend that an artist remove artwork from a wall of another artist without that artist permission. How many feet of wall space available:  ______________   How many prints:  ________________ Does the Gallery take money from customer on a sale or does the customer need to contact the artist directly. The following agreement is between Art Intersection, LLC, 207 North Gilbert Road, Suite 201, Gilbert, Arizona 85234, and Artist or Representative named in the Submission/Registration form for Work displayed in an Exhibition at Art Intersection. November 18, 2015. Artist agrees to credit Fontenelle Forest on any promotional materials created by the Artist from images of the Artwork installed in this exhibition. I do not expect every artist to be disturbed by the things that bug me, but to set your own guidelines for the way you want to do business. When I arrived for an installation on the assigned date/time, the previous artist artwork was hanging in the display location assigned to me. Since I now ask in advance if they have a contract, this has not happened again. The Gallery shall be open to the public during the exhibition period between _____ and _____ day to day, and the Gallery shall provide invigilation for the exhibition during that time which shall not include the operation of machines or the special attention to any particular exhibit, except by prior written agreement with the Gallery. 2. I had to leave with my art and go home. Finding out required information with some of these questions in advance is just one example. 2/2013 update: I just put up a solo show at a public library and was asked to sign and date a document form that the library showed me for the first time while I was installing the exhibit. I do feel that the artist should be treated with respect by the small businesses and alternative art spaces that artists find more available in today’s markets. I do request that specific things be put in writing such as in an email to cut down on misunderstandings. I decided to never exhibit my art in a restaurant again and I have not. As I do more exhibits and other artist related functions I learn from my experiences and adjust my business practices to have things run more smoothly and professional in the future. h�bbd```b``f��A$S�d�f�e��l0yD�����HFM��A�H:�]f���@�_@���#�]�"3�H�h� Y;�i!�`v�� ��b��������&��� �0w With many established art galleries leaving the business, artists are finding the need to seek out more alternative gallery locations. All images are for sale at reasonable prices and can be clicked on for more information. For a simple display of my art in a local business that does not sell art as part of their normal business, I do not really require a formal written art contract. Will the gallery let you know if a sale is made. under this Agreement and does not make the Gallery a general agent for any other works. You will be notified if changes are made after your acceptance. The artist appoints the gallery to act as artist’s exclusive/ nonexclusive agent in the following geographic area: _____ for the exhibition and sale of artwork in the following media:_____. What promotion is being done for the exhibit? %%EOF This also tells the artist that this gallery space may not have good management and may not be a good place to exhibit your work. 10. If artist has a previous relationship with another gallery, this agreement shall not interfere with sales at or from that gallery. %PDF-1.6 %���� This is really a contract even if they did not consider it one. When I am part of a group show, the things I need to know as a participating artist is just the basics. An artist contract is a type of document in which an agreement between an artist and a manager is arranged. If the exhibiting, marketing, or sale of Work is in anyway contractually restricted by a representing gallery, agent, or otherwise, or if any terms of another agreement affecting the Work conflicts with this Agreement, the Artist or Representative must make Art Intersection aware of this situation in writing at least 30 days prior to the Exhibition, Conflicts with this Agreement may preclude the Work from being in an exhibition at Art Intersection, Art Intersection reserves the right to use images and information of the Work for promotion and marketing the Exhibition and for educational purposes, on the Art Intersection website, in printed material, and on social media, The Artist or Representative is responsible for shipping costs associated with the delivery and return of the Work, Reusable shipping containers and materials must be supplied, All Work will be available for pickup on the Pickup date, or will be shipped within 14-days of the Pickup date, Art Intersection is not responsible for damage to Work during shipping, Work left after the Last Date to Pickup Work will be considered abandoned and disposed of at the discretion of Art Intersection, Art Intersection insures the Work for 60% of its Market Value for the time period from delivery of the Work on or after the Work Due Date, and the earlier of the return of the Work or Last Date to Pickup Work, In the event of a loss claim the insuring parties establish the Market Value, the Artist or Representative must deliver to the insuring parties documentation to assist in the establishment of Market Value, such as selling history and materials cost, 207 North Gilbert Road, Suite 201, Gilbert, Arizona 85234. Forest. endstream endobj 118 0 obj <. Will the gallery automatically pay the artist amount due at a specific time such as by the 15th of the month of all art sales of the previous month. They did not call me to remove the art from the walls and took it down themselves stacking about 13 framed pieces of my art on top of each other in a dirty cabinet with food getting on my frames. Many specimen contracts are provided, including: a standard contract for the consignment of artworks; a standard exhibition contract, and a standard long-term artist-gallery contract. This agency shall cover only artwork submitted by the artist while this agreement is in force. Gallery contact name:  ____________________________       Email:    ______________________ You may also be interested in reading my related articles: Selling art at art shows or The Gallery shall cover only artwork submitted by the artist while this agreement is in force. The sample gallery contracts listed below can be used to show artist a variety of contracts and how they are written. With many established art galleries leaving the business, artists are finding the need to seek out more alternative gallery locations. photographs I am working on (only a few tweets a week). What are the costs to the artist to exhibit? 3. They made a big deal about having a contract with exhibition start and ending dates clearly on the contract and then called me up about 3 weeks before the ending date and told me to pick up the art. Is the art insured by the gallery. Artist will provide MAC 40% of sale (or other commission % based on volunteer time) as determined in initial exhibition if MAC facilitates the sale. I consider a restaurant different from a coffee or wine house type of business which I have only had good experiences with. 6. 2. The artist relationship with the alternative art gallery and artist/gallery contracts. This agreement is suitable for use where the owner of an art gallery wants to have an agreement with an artist for an exhibition of the artist’s works which will be displayed at the gallery for a limited period of time. Since I now am asking in advance what I feel are the important questions for that particular gallery space that they have not covered, I am having a consistent much better experience. 145 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8C66668DA37DD143996FFDE7AA13DBA8>]/Index[117 46]/Info 116 0 R/Length 126/Prev 187192/Root 118 0 R/Size 163/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Terms and Conditions Receipt and Installation of Work What is the history of past sales? 2. A Condition Report is completed to reflect the condition of the delivered and returned Work, All delivered Work must be ready for installation with the appropriate installation material, Work may not be included in the Exhibition if it is not ready to install, The Title of the Work and Artist Name must be attached to each Work, Art Intersection staff installs every exhibition and reserves the right to determine the final selection and installation of Work for the Exhibition, The Artist or Representative authorizes Art Intersection to sell Work for the duration of the Exhibition from the Drop-off date up to 45-days after the Exhibition Close date, The purchase price splits 60 / 40 of the net purchase price with 60% of the final, net purchase price paid to the Artist or Representative, The Artist or Representative authorizes Art Intersection to discount the Work Sale Price up to 10% at the discretion of Art Intersection, Compensation to the Artist or Representative is paid within 30-days of the completion of the sales transaction, Art Intersection issues an IRS 1099 form to the Artist / Representative when compensation exceeds $600 in a calendar year, and at that time a Tax ID / Social Security number must be submitted before compensation is remitted, The Work copyright holder retains all copyrights, The Artist or Representative retains ownership of the Work during the Exhibition dates unless the Work sells, Ownership of the Work transfers to the Buyer at the completion of the sales transaction, The transaction completes when the purchase price is paid in full to Art Intersection and the Buyer takes possession of the Work.