Flammable Refrigerant Compatible. Pull the shifter off the washer base. This washer was new in Nov. 2008 and the extended warranty just ran out. The shaft and mode shifter assembly is used on the GE "Hydrowave" line of top loading washers. If the whole inside tub is turning back and forth while in agitate, the mode shifter is bad. Reassembled and tried, more quieter and like new machine. The mode shifter aka (shaft mode shifter assy).takes just as long as changing the transmission on the regular profile washer.You can't buy just the coil,you have to change the complete shaft/mode shifter.part#WH38X10015 ALSO GETTING 325-335V DC AT CONNECTOR - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician When the washer starts the agitation cycle, the inverter energizes the mode shifter coil. To exit the GE Profile washer service mode press the POWER button or unplug the washer. Here's a simplified video on how to do it: And here are some worthy, enriching comments from a couple of Appliantological masters in the forums: As the Samurai says this is not a bad job. I could see water dripping down the shaft. All GE HydroWave washers have a shaft and tube as opposed to the old transmission. - The Drive Pulley has never come off that easy for me. ON A GE WASHER MOD #WJRR4170G1WW. James. To enter the water heater test mode on a GE front load washer, rotate the control knob until t07 is displayed in the control panel then press start/pause to enter the test mode. The real problem here is GE's poor design which allows a leaky 'Tub Seal', (about $8.) My GE washer was so loud during the spin cycle it was unbearable. and cannot be … To stop a service test and choose a new service test turn the washer knob. To check the mode shifter, first start the washer. Learn how to troubleshoot like a Master Samurai Tech... MASTER SAMURAI TECH THE COIL ON THE MODE SHIFTER IS OPEN. Also, TWICE I got a call that a tub was loose after a previous Tech had done a Mode Shifter. I notice rust had accumulated around the mode shifter and bottom pan. California Proposition 65. WASHING MACHINE MODE SHIFTER ASM - WH05X25036 . These washers has the motor with the inverter board mounted on top of it. Checking the Mode Shifter. This was a Mistake that I MADE and it cost me a Control Board. My GE washer was so loud during the spin cycle it was unbearable. So I ordered this mode shifter along with washer belt, tub bearing washer, tub bearing, split ring, hub nut, and supco TB123A spanner wrench. This test mode will help the ser vice technician to quickly identif y failed or impr oper operation of w asher components. The most common failure is that the Mode Shifter coil burns out, reads open on a continuity test. The motor my tip, the belt on these is a bitch to get on...zip tie the belt to the big pulley to assist keeping it in place as you run it on...then cut it off, of course. Watching this video makes me just hate this model of washer even more. TEST 13 - CLEARING EEPROM Note: Starting this test will delete the consumer’s ... or spin cycles, the mode shifter will disengage and the wash basket will remain motionless. See the table below: As you can see above, if the LED on the perverter board is flashes in a sequence of four flashes, this indicates a problem with the mode shifter circuit or mechanism. Remove the 2 screws that attach the mode shifter to the base of the washer.