Print Recipe Pin Recipe. And look at those ingredients – it’s almost healthy. You can mix up the proportions of each juice depending on personal taste. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you want to make this cocktail a little more alcoholic, you can always swap the elderflower syrup for an elderflower liqueur instead. He originally named the cocktail the Maverick Martini but later changed the name to the Pornstar Martini because “it’s pure indulgence, sexy, fun and evocative”. Our view: it’s better to go for a Bellini where you stand a chance of getting Prosecco and fresh fruit, since peach purée is less often found in cheap cartons of juice. Promise. Read more here. 15ml Lemon Juice. Gin .75 Oz. Sparkling, enchanting, and inviting, with pear, citrus and floral nectar, this Prosecco and elderflower spritzer is the most refreshing cocktail you’ll sip all summer. A cocktail using Disaronno amaretto, maraschino liqueur and Prosecco to recreate the sweet cherry and almond taste of the popular Bakewell Tart. Required fields are marked *, Hi, I’m Jo, a travel blogger who first stumbled across the Prosecco region in 2015. The Sgroppino is certainly one of the oldest Prosecco cocktails around, dating all the way back to 15th-century Venice when aristocrats would consume it in between courses at a dinner party as a refreshing palate cleanser. Gin and Grapefruit Cocktail with Elderflower and Prosecco. Or more specifically, at the now-famous Harry’s Bar in Venice which is where founder Giuseppe Cipriani first created this delicious peach and Prosecco cocktail. Mix together all of the above ingredients (except the Prosecco) in a cocktail shaker with ice, then serve in a martini glass with a passionfruit slice garnish. Why go to see glass making in Murano when you could be wine tasting, sipping Prosecco from a glass instead? The pornstar martini cocktail is a sweet and zingy vodka-based drink made with vanilla and passionfruit. There is no extra cost to you but what I earn means I can keep running this site for free and fund future research trips to Italy. Pour in the gin, elderflower cordial and lemon juice. This means that if you click and/or make a purchase through certain links on this site, I may make a commission — at no cost to you. Have you tried any? The Glass: I like my drinks super cold so I like to use chilled coupe glass for this recipe. And make sure to wash them before adding them to your drink. A bellini is an easy Prosecco cocktail to make yourself, consisting simply of Prosecco and peach puree. But all the opinions expressed, and all the photos on the site, are all my own unless otherwise noted. So, there you have 12 Prosecco cocktails you can make at home. Fortunately, the Aperol Spritz recipe is not a difficult one to master. Pictured, gin & elderflower cocktail. And if you’re in California, you could also try the Sunday Gin for the San Diego-based You & Yours Distillery. Col Fondo is the traditional and more natural method of producing Prosecco which undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle and is not disgorged, meaning the sediment (or lees) stays present in the bottle, giving it a cloudy appearance. Mix together equal parts of all 3 ingredients in a lowball glass with ice. Top up with Prosecco. Mix gin, elderflower liqueur and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Although it is almost always included in lists of Prosecco cocktails, the Prosecco doesn’t actually go inside the cocktail, but rather, by its side. Prosecco. Want to know more about Tequila? Want to try the latest style of Prosecco, popular in Italy? During the summer you can also try making a frozen peach bellini by combining frozen peaches, sugar and Prosecco in a blender. A fresh and elegant gin and Prosecco cocktail perfect for enjoying outside in the summer. I am so excited to share this recipe with you today! I used a Scottish gin called Rock Rose. ★☆. Promise. I’ve since made many contacts in the area. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Margaritas are an easy drink to make in bulk and are therefore one of the best Prosecco cocktails for a crowd, such as a summer garden party or other special events. 50ml/1.5oz Vanilla Vodka (such as Absolut), 20m/3/4/ozl Passion Fruit Liquor (such as Passoã), 20ml/3/4 oz Soda Water (or Sparkling Water), 20ml/3/4 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau (Depending on how alcoholic you want it to be). This gin and grapefruit cocktail with elderflower liquor and Prosecco simple syrup is my take on one of my favorite drinks, the popular Fairlane cocktail served at Fort Oak restaurant here in San Diego. 25 Prosecco Gifts (You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself), What is Prosecco & Everything You Want To Know, There’s a Prosecco Vending Machine in Italy & Here’s How To Visit, Your email address will not be published. Just make sure you add the Prosecco as you serve each glass to keep the sparkle alive. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Roasted carrot and fennel salad topped with pistac, So yeah, it took a while but the recipe for these, Dreaming of this delicious lemon and berry coffee, Comfort food is on the menu this week at our house, Today's the day friends. Check out the best Christmas Markets here. finish with a dash of soda and an orange slice to garnish, all served over ice. Instructions . Here's how to do it in delicious style. Make sure all three ingredients are nice and chilled, place them all in a blender then pour into a cold glass to drink. This is really going to come down to personal preference because no two pink gins are the same. A fresh and elegant gin and Prosecco cocktail perfect for enjoying outside in the summer. Just one hour from Venice, you can find out about taking a wine tour here. You can read more about it here.