The average salary of an SEO Analyst $58k-$100k per year. Every company which is successful has these kind of employees who are responsible for playing such vital roles in the organization and have been a source of motivation and inspiration for others. The job of a software architect is to plan the software structure and prepare the layout for it. The average income is calculated by gross national income and population. SEO is an important process for the success of any website or blog. Software architects have high paying salaries in the world. He is also a known name as a collector of Automobiles. Also served as president and CEO to the company. IT Manager is the most demanding job and highest salary job in the world. or If you have the best skills in the field of SEO or Digital marketing or you have completed courses in the field, you can also start jobs as SEO Analyst. He initiated his career with Florida Gas Transmission and eventually started his own Kinder Morgan Inc. in collaboration with his friend from college William Morgan. Countries with the highest average Salaries in the world Published by Board Team on September 17, 2020 September 17, 2020. He stayed in D.C., however, signing a new pact with the reigning champs. Being one of the most popular sports in the world, with millions of fans worldwide, football has become one of the highest-paying sports with football players earning huge salaries stipulated in their contracts.This has seen soccer stars rank as some of the richest athletes in the world. Management professionals are considered the main employees of any company. If you qualify for it, the salary may be higher than expected. In the current era, the infatuation with social media is great. Eventually he entered into the fragrances which were launched in 1978. Twitter. Born in the 1959, Hammergren is a richest American businessman. He has been extremely resourceful in helping the drugs for the cure of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. He was also honored with Biotechnology Heritage Award in the year 2017. His corporate now sells shoes, fragrances, jewelry etc. App development has the most demand or high paying salary. So The SEO Analyst plays the most important role for the company or and company or farm. Find out their salaries in 2020. He has been honored with World’s best CEO by Barron’s from 2013 to 2016. Management Professional is the highest paying job in the world. There after he joined Marathon and since then there has been only growth that he has witnessed. The data scientist has high paying salaries in the world. This website is basically designed for travelers so that they can find discount coupons to be used on their flights and hotel bookings. He has been constantly featuring in the list of best bosses of the world and of course the highest paid people as well. Companies Offering Best Salaries. He became the Chairman in 2002. Your email address will not be published. He joined McKesson Corporation in the year 1996 and was made the Co-CEO and President of the corporation in the year 1999.