After three years, a successful limited theatrical Indie Rights, a subsidiary of Nelson Madison Films, is a full service, global distributor with direct relationships to major distribution outlets. Current Mbur Films is an Internet-based company headquartered in Burbank, CA. knowledge, experience, accessibility and flexibility with our release, as well as honest, transparent on-time payments every quarter. Cicada Song is currently streaming on several major platforms in 68 countries, has developed a worldwide fan base, and after our first quarter we were able to begin paying back our Linda and Michael answered all our questions without reserve and with complete transparency. A family for your film You're a filmmaker, we're a distributor… films and they are close friends of mine. Let’s first present two common film distribution strategies or what we’ll call dream scenarios. but my close personal friends. I enthusiastically recommend Indie Rights! "I needed a distributor who understood small indie films and had a record of honesty and transparency for my film FIND ME. If neither scenario pans out, no worries! Volumes have been written on promoting films. “Between the three of them, they have three million Twitter followers. Everybody’s comfortable with how it works,” says Candelaria. "Will this film be profitable for us?" I've made short films before, but this is my first feature, and the first film I've tried raising money for. The film stars Leighton Meester, Debra Messing and Green Day’s Billie Jo Armstrong. pretty cool to see Indie Rights receive a growing chorus of recognition in the pages of Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, Deadline, etc. Indie Rights offers great support services and communication with filmmakers, and I know that you are all out there working to get the most The first thing filmmakers think of when they think about how they’re going to sell their movie is what high profile cast they can attach to the project. I eventually got the rights back to my feature and gave my movie to Linda Nelson and Michael Madison of Indie Rights. and a huge community of freelancers to make speech-to-text greatness every day. Candelaria says they’re on the hunt for titles with a built-in fanbase. Viewers must watch ads before, during, and/or after the film. It is a very personal relationship, with no question too trivial for their expert attention and response. Having already proven your salt as a filmmaker that gets stuff done, asking for funds to bring your product to larger audiences is an admirable goal. and reach your audience, a community of like-minded filmmakers who are there for one another, and the ability to get your film on MAJOR platforms. “That process can be six months. In addition to submitting your independent film and brokering deals with the various VOD platforms, aggregators also take care of everything else, including encoding, packaging, and delivering your film to digital platforms. Our global distribution contract is filmmaker-friendly, returning 80% of all revenue earned to the filmmaker. You’ve wrapped post-production on your award-winning film. With over 150 million subscribers, scoring a film distribution deal with Netflix is a dream come true for indie filmmakers. This one’s not a surprise. I'm now sending out my completed business plan/film proposal document to potential investors and the one comment I'm getting back almost immediately is that it's so well laid out and professional. feature films. Film Markets like AFM and Cannes are too costly and complex for most independent filmmakers to attend, ITN produces, distributes and acquires films worldwide. For Gravitas, a large number of the films the company releases are documentaries. “[The cast members] are very important in social media because they have fans. I found the Indie Rights website and called. was no where to be found. They could not be more responsive, and constantly educate their filmmakers on what it takes to achieve We truly appreciate your efforts very, very much. We Spoke to Dozens of Distributors; This is What They Want in a Film, Financial Projections Built in fan bases (social media) are important, as is attached talent that draws said audience, but it's quality over quantity. Mbur Films utilizes our partnerships with New Media creators and platforms for maximum target audience exposure. Closed Captions › How to Release and Self-Distribute an Independent Film. To see our list of deliverables, click here. In the case of Apartment Troubles, Candelaria says Jess Weixler and Jennifer Prediger, the writers, directors and stars of the film, were also very amenable to helping out with social media. “It’s almost like we’ve reverted back to when I was a kid 50 years ago and they would say, ‘Okay, well what’s the little copy line we can put in the TV Guide?’ And that copy line is short and it needs to say: ‘A thriller starring Tom Cruise.’”, Mansfield says cast is also important when it comes to marketing. In fact, most film acquisitions happen before opening night. I eventually got the rights back to my feature and gave my movie to Linda Nelson and Michael Madison of Indie Rights. Netflix). Most filmmakers turn to crowdfund sites such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo during pre-production. In any case, it’s time to lock down film distribution and recoup your budget. Linda and Michael are truly champions of independent films and their filmmakers. This template, actually the whole package, has been invaluable and well worth the money I spent on it. Now you’re ready to distribute your film to the masses and sign on the dotted line for a million-dollar deal. Do bidding wars still happen? We have built a powerful, private community of Indie Rights filmmakers, who support each other with reviews, case studies, company news and marketing tips. She has fostered an amazing community within the Hi Melissa! Objectives of the Association (a) To represent and promote the views and interests of Australian independent distributors. You can do this! and Michael. If you have a great independent film or TV series that you'd like us to consider for distribution, submit your film or TV series here. Special thanks to author Tom Sveen. evolving world of film distribution. Check out 100s of tools, templates, articles, contacts and resources for both new and experienced movie producers. festivals such as Sundance, Toronto  and Cannes. If you’re intent on getting your film on the big screen, there are some things to consider: There are theatrical servicing companies that specialize in booking, advertising, promoting, and collecting the tickets. Disclaimer, this next section is heavy on the Alphabet Soup…. If you’re wary about posting a link to your movie, you can offer a variety of teasers for your independent film, from trailers to scene previews, or even share “making of” footage.