This Article is related to: Film and tagged Books, Hollywood, Memoir. Throughout the memoir, Simpson never stops short of "going there." Drew Barrymore had quite the start in life according to this book, … Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Juicy Celebrity Memoirs 17 Celebrity Memoirs That Will Make You Cry, Laugh, and Give You Insight Into Your Favorite Stars. If you read Simpson's Open Book and just couldn't get enough, make some room on your TBR, because there are plenty other juicy celebrity memoirs for you to check out below. 1 day ago, by Grayson Gilcrease Get The Latest IndieWire Alerts And Newsletters Delivered Directly To Your Inbox. Read those stories and more in Inside Out. Enter: juicy celebrity memoirs. 10 hours ago, by Mekishana Pierre Jessica Simpson's first memoir, Open Book, just landed in stores on Feb. 4, making readers clamor for more of that white-hot celebrity goss. The literary adaptation of her one-woman stage show, “Wishful Drinking,” kicks things off, and the erstwhile Princess Leia closes the trilogy with some juicy gossip about her brief affair with “Star Wars” costar Harrison Ford in “The Princess Diarist.” Reading these will remind you of the great wit and talent gone far too soon. Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links. By George Takei. Following the midcentury movie star's death, Evans published his candid interviews with Gardner in this eye-opening book. The actress was contracted to write a memoir but after hours of conversation with her ghostwriter, changed her mind; this book is drawn from those tapes. Published just after her second stint in a rehabilitation facility, Barrymore's 1990 memoir, Little Girl Lost, details her hard-partying childhood and what came after. The book is a conversational, relatable take on everyday struggles and the importance of finding your own voice. A memoir is a great pick-me-up read because, chances are, you're already pretty familiar with the author and you've developed a large enough interest that you're craving more. In There Is No F*cking Secret, the star exposes the truth behind the headlines of her strange and unusual life. The Brat Packer’s book can definitely be placed in the “dishy” category of celebrity memoir, as the now-sober actor gets brutally honest about his most debaucherous days of excess (yes, including his sex tape) through a very self-aware lens. Interviews with leading film and TV creators about their process and craft. Tiffany Haddish has made a name for herself as a loud, irreverent, and unapologetic woman. Sign up for our Celebrity & Entertainment newsletter. Whether it's giving a candid account of her marriage to Nick Lachey, or detailing the problems at the root of her on-again-off-again relationship with John Mayer. Best Christmas Gifts for Movie Lovers In The Last Black Unicorn, the Kids Say the Darndest Things host opens up about life before stardom and gets brutally honest about who she is as a person. Published before this recent brouhaha, We're Going to Need More Wine is a memoir-in-essays that tackles all aspects of life as a black woman in Hollywood. All rights reserved. Copyright © 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. It's the kind of radically honest memoir that many celebrities often shy away from — and is the type that readers absolutely love. Juiciest Tidbit: Jessica Simpson 's memoir was truly juicy, with her writing all about her marriage and divorce to Nick Lachey and her messy romance with John Mayer, with the … Though Field has given ultra-open, emotional performances on film for many years, she gets even more vulnerable in her memoir, which documents her lonely childhood, her development as an actress, and how those experiences shaped her roles as a daughter and a mother. The fact that Hepburn waited until her final act to finally open up about her life story means that she was able to get extra candid in this reflection upon her entire life, including her friendship with Spencer Tracy and her work with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Just because an actor lived through a particularly salacious event doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll reveal any details about what occurred — though it’s always fun when they do. The actress’ first book tells the story of her childhood: the Irish estate where her director father would bring film icons between projects, her late teens in London, her mother’s tragic death, and ultimately her move to New York at the start of her film career. Demi Moore's memoir made headlines for its many revelations about her ex-husband, Ashton Kutcher's, infidelity. John Boyega: Studios Need to Speak Up and Protect Actors from Racist, Sexist Online Abuse 15 hours ago, by Yerin Kim Although her final memoir, The Princess Diarist, is Carrie Fisher's most talked-about book today, fans who want to get to know the woman behind the bronze bikini should read Wishful Drinking, which chronicles the star's childhood and early relationships. Blue Ivy Carter Will Narrate a Children's Book About Loving Your Natural Hair, Stacey Abrams Is Also a Romance Novelist, as If We Needed Another Reason to Be in Awe of Her, 42 Books Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2021, 32 Books Becoming TV Shows in 2021 — Including the Gossip Girl Reboot, 31 Book-to-Movie Adaptations Scheduled to Hit Theaters in 2021, Oprah's Favorite Things Are Here, and These Are the 3 Books She Wants on Your Radar. Cumming’s appearance on the genealogy series “Who Do You Think You Are?” in 2010 sparked a series of events that led him on a hunt for information on the fate of his maternal grandfather, and also inspired a breathtaking deathbed confession by his violent father. 10 Things I Hate About You star Gabrielle Union has been dominating the news cycle in the wake of her departure from the allegedly hostile working environment of America's Got Talent. Enter: juicy celebrity memoirs. The actress and sartorial icon provides insight into how her bold personal choices (unique style included), her illustrious career, and her relationships with men like Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, and Sam Shepard have all shaped her unique perspective on life. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Little Girl Lost by Drew Barrymore and Todd Gold. There’s a reason the Rat Pack leader’s autobiography became a bestseller upon its publication in 1965 and has remained so since: Not only does he chronicle his rise to fame, but he doesn’t shy away from the racism he faced throughout his entire career, and the effect it had on his whole life. 11 hours ago, by Maggie Ryan 1 day ago. Get the daily inside scoop right in your inbox. The Best Celebrity Memoirs, from Carrie Fisher to Katharine Hepburn “They Called Us Enemy” (2019) A memoir is a great pick-me-up read because, chances are, you're already pretty familiar with the author and you've … The book also includes 165 barely before seen photos from her personal archives. 1 day ago, by Monica Sisavat All rights reserved. Yes, Farrow’s memoir spills plenty of details about her relationship with Frank Sinatra and her painful separation and custody battle with Woody Allen, plus her childhood as the daughter of Old Hollywood icons Maureen O’Sullivan and John Farrow, but it’s also a well-written, intelligent look at her life as a whole. After becoming famous on her family's reality TV show in the 2000s, Kelly Osbourne has remained in the media spotlight. Related On … 'The Lord of the Rings': Everything You Need to Know About Amazon's Big Money Adaptation The jets, the trips, the designer clothes, etc. Chronicling superstar Tina Turner's entire life — from her Tennessee childhood to her renewed success in the 1980s and beyond — I, Tina is a must-read for any Turner fan. Related Read Janice Dickinson's No Lifeguard on Duty for all the dirty details of supermodel life in the heyday of the 1980s. In Watch Me, she chronicles her film career — including her 17-year relationship with Jack Nicholson. While Andrews’ first memoir, “Home,” recounted her difficult childhood and the early years of her storied career, it’s this second one, co-written with her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, where she details her rise to fame, her personal milestones, and the classic films she made throughout her Hollywood career. Although we love plenty of famous folks for being super relatable — Chrissy Teigen, anyone? The late actress and writer got plenty personal in her breakout 1987 novel “Postcards from the Edge,” but it’s her trio of memoirs where she gives a true peek behind the curtain of her celebrity. Celebrities: they're just like us, right? That’s why this list of movie star memoirs contains books from both columns — the juiciest and most salacious stories, but also the most revealing and wise — from a wide range of celebs. The “Star Trek” trailblazer, along with Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott, and illustrator Harmony Becker, documented his imprisonment in a Japanese American internment camp during World War II in this graphic novel that switches back and forth from his perspective as a terrified five-year-old child to an adult looking back on the impact the experience had on him, his family, and the country as a whole. After much digging around, we've put together a handpicked reading list with books that are sure to make you cry, laugh until you almost pee your pants, or maybe even a little of both! Drew Barrymore narrowly avoided being one of … By Anjelica Huston. The longtime activist divides her book into three acts, each revealing important truths about her — the first, her childhood; the second, her development as an activist; and the third, her hopes for the future. File this under the “buzzy” category too: The star reveals plenty of juicy details about her relationships with Emilio Estevez, Bruce Willis, Ashton Kutcher, and even Jon Cryer — she writes that she took his virginity, though he clarified after the book’s publication that although inexperienced, he wasn’t a virgin at the time — as well as her struggles with addiction and disordered eating and her lifelong body image issues.