Once the teleporter is linked, it can used for free to reach the projection room. Donnerkanone,Strahlenkanone und Affenbomben. In order to use the teleporter, the power must be turned on, and it must be linked to the core. It appears as everything is knocked over and/or destroyed. There is also a Mystery Box spawn near the exit to the Alley, which consists of a steel door and costs 1000 points. The projector will project images on the screen located above the stage and have audio. There are a total of four barriers, as well as several locations where Zombies will rise from the wreckage scattered in the seating area. The original four characters, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki and Edward Richtofen make their return as the playable characters, who have teleported from the 1940s to early 1960s. As the first Zombies map in Black Ops, Kino der Toten features a new set of cold-war era weapons, most obtainable from the Mystery Box. Each player may or may not be teleported to one of the random rooms (see below). It can be used for 1500 points.

It was originally meant to be released for Call of Duty: World at War in the unreleased fourth map pack, but was instead released with Black Ops. After activated, it teleports all players inside to the projection room. The Pack-a-Punch machine is located in the projection room. Only the MP40 remains as a wall weapon from World at War. How to Find the Kino Der Toten Easter Egg. All five Perk-a-Cola machines are present on this map. An MP5k can be purchased on the wall for 1000 points. It is also the most simple, having a box spawn near the back, two barriers and an electric trap that can be activated for 1000 points. One is located below the left staircase, costing 750 points, and leads to the fire trap room.

Although a rather confined room, it is also the only area on the map with the Fire Trap and, previous to Ascension, the only one in Zombies. However, it must then be cooled and relinked before it can be utilised again. A teleporter returns in Kino der Toten. The film reel is on the chess table, bed or window sill. The Pack-a-Punch machine returns from World at War's Der Riese. On Call Of Duty Black Ops 'Zombies' mode, there is a map called Kino Der Toten. The film reel in this room is on the table in the middle of the room, on the projector cart on the tray below or on the top of the TV. See Kino der Toten/Film Reels and Radios.

After that, players will be teleported back to the mainframe in the Lobby/Starting Area, in which the Zombies will head straight for.

The seating area has the Bowie Knife purchased for 3000 points. Nach dieser Zeit wird man dann zu einem weiteren zufälligen Raum teleportiert. Another is located at the top of the right staircase from Quick Revive, and also costs 750 points. This zombie map features Nazi Zombies, Hellhounds and the newly introduced Gas Zombies, known as Nova 6 Crawlers. There is a pile of Teddy Bears covering the scale model of Der Riese with one big Teddy Bear over all. Sacraficial Lamb (15 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) - Shot at or be shot by a crossbow that kills 6 or more zombies. The Foyer, like the nearby hall, is split into two parts; the ground floor which appears to be some form of bar, and the upper floor which overlooks it. The best strategy is the stab the flaming hellhounds, but shoot the rest. The Pack-a-Punch machine is located here and can be used for 5000 points. There are only two barriers located in the hallway, which means camping and holding out here during the early rounds is a fair possibility. There is also a miniature rocket on the table, just like the one in Executive Order and Ascension, which can be launched by pressing the action button near it. Dort sind Filmrollen, die man einsammeln kann und beim nächsten teleport in den Pack-a-Punch Raum oben in den Filmprojektor einsetzen kann. The Lobby is where the player/s will initially spawn at the start of a match. The room's structure is the same except there is blood splattered everywhere giving the room a deep dark red tint. Once players teleport from the stage, they will be taken to this room. At this point the teleporter must be linked to the core again to be used.

Der obere… After 30 seconds, regardless if a player is mid-Pack-a-Punch, all players will be teleported out of the room (which may result in loss of weapons). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Once the power is turned on, the stage curtains will be drawn and access to the seating area and the other half of the stage will be granted. https://codblackops.fandom.com/wiki/Kino_der_Toten?oldid=4599.

Kino der Toten (German for "Theatre of the Dead") is the first zombie map introduced exclusively for Black Ops. It can only be reached by using the teleporter. The meteorite for the easteregg song is located in a corner, close to the MP5k. There are also two weapons; the Stakeout, which can be purchased for 1500 points, and the MP40, which costs 1000 points. The last is located straight ahead under the staircase and cannot be purchased; it opens once the power is turned on. This room is located above the Alley, and connects it to the stage via a staircase. One of the two sentry guns appear in this room, being located near the bar on a table. Kino der Toten ist die fünfte Karte der Zombie Karten. Takeo Masaki,Nikolai Belinski, Tank Dempseyund Edward Richtofen. Black Ops - Kino der Toten: Kino der Toten, Zombies töten ohne Schaden zu nehmen im Kino, Einsatzbesprechung ist wichtig!, Zombie-Modus guter Start, Rezzurection Zombie Maps Tipps. Unlike in Der Riese, it can be used for free, but must be linked to the core after each use. A projector sits atop the window, which can be loaded with different projector reels located in the random rooms. Once activated, the turret will aim at the closest zombie and fire at it for about one minute. Samantha can be heard laughing and giggling along with other eerie voices whispering, children singing and a voice calling for her. Kino der Toten (German for "Theatre of the Dead") is the first zombie map introduced exclusively for Black Ops. The only other turret on the map is located in the middle of the room, on the end of the stage, and costs 1500 points to utilise. The map is automatically unlocked and does not require the campaign to be completed, unlike "Five". Kino takes place in an abandoned Nazi theatre somewhere in Berlin. A new wonder weapon, the Thunder Gun, takes the place of the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from the previous map and is capable of clearning entire hordes of the undead. While online, Mule Kick is also located in a corner for 4000 points.

After a certain amount of time, players will be automatically teleported out of the projection room back to the starting room (or may be teleported to a random room first before returning to the starting room). The meteorite for the easter egg song is also located on a shelf in the back of the room.

https://callofdutyzombies.fandom.com/de/wiki/Kino_der_Toten?oldid=2659. There is also a Mystery Box spawn point in the middle of the area, underneath where the zombies will drop down from.