As Mr. Gold requested, Hades rips up the contract in front of him, but before Pan allows Zelena to go, he prepares to steal her heart to revive himself. When Regina asks if she reciprocates his feelings, she doesn't answer. Transfiguration and magic spells on Once seems to mean that you can';t do it to someone more powerful (magical resistanc). Zelena wants to leave the Underworld before this happens, and she worries if she stays, she will do something she'll eventually regret. While Hyde is away, Jekyll agrees to fix the wand for them if they take him with them when they return home. Sheriff of Nottingham | Afterwards, Zelena tries to close the portal, but her control on the wand goes awry because the town's magic is linked to the crystal. After receiving a pendant to harness her powers, Zelena views the western area of Oz, which she will be responsible for watching over. Isla | Remember when Zelena siphoned that light magic away from Emma with that cute reanimation scene with Emma and hook ? As Ariel, she tricks Hook into believing since the new curse, Eric hasn't returned and asks for his help locating him. He then attempts to attack her, but she subdues him with the dagger, its control of him free of interference now that he and Neal are separated. ("Heart of Gold"), Intending to prove that Cora deserted the wrong daughter, she moves forward with creating a time travel spell, by getting the Scarecrow's brain. He backtracks upon seeing the silver slippers she has, which can take him to a Land Without Magic. Years after the Final Battle, Zelena continues to raise Robin in Storybrooke, soon after travels to another realm where time moves different and later returns to Storybrooke with Robin who is now 18 years old and has been practicing magic but Zelena forbids her from doing so, after an argument between them Robin disappears and Zelena travels to the New Enchanted Forest to tell Regina. Along with the Witch of the East and the Witch of the North, the trio believe Zelena is destined to join them because of a prophecy foretelling of a sorceress arriving by cyclone and becoming the Witch of the West. When Hades flirts with her, Zelena leans in to kiss him, but the romantic moment is cut short once they spot the Scarecrow. As they trade blows in magic, Zelena furiously declares that Regina had everything even though she didn't appreciate or deserve it. Was able to throw two soldiers far away with the swing of her hands. Robin tells Zelena she ran away and wants to stay with Gothel and for her to leave, Hook then convinces Zelena to don’t walk away from her daughter and to fight for her, Zelena then tries to save Robin when Gothel tries to use her a sacrifice to revive Leota but Robin saves her. Belle comes to fear Hades will speed up her pregnancy, but Zelena offers her temporary solution, the curse. Regina did a fire ball to Elsa's monster and killed it. Pan then walks up, and after being introduced as Mr. Gold's father, he throws a bag over Zelena's head. Maleficent | Zelena/Kelly (Rebecca Mader) will be getting her powers back in the second half of the current season of "Once upon a Time." MaleficSerial HomicideAttempted MurderIdentity TheftAssaultBatteryRape ("Sisters"), Time passes as Zelena grows into an adult. Zelena, better known as the Wicked Witch Of The West, is a major antagonist turned anti-hero in ABC's Once Upon a Time.