McDonald's Japan VS USA Comparison, Same Items Different Calories. However, what these outlets must also understand is the fact that individual choice in a diverse country like India can never be a one way thing. Patriot, Political Analyst, Amateur Historian, Your email address will not be published. It all started after the fast food chain replied to a Twitter user stating, “Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald’s India. Else, embrace for Financial Loss. This automatically disqualified a non-Muslim from employment at a slaughter firm if it is engaged in Halal meat. Now, many Twitter users have shown aversion towards consumption of Halal meat but McDonalds has enthusiastically announced that all its outlets have HALAL certificates. Now an independence struggle has started, Are the US and China going to war? One of the users on the microblogging platform tweeted, “Go To Hell, then. All photos used in this site are property of The Halal Food Blog unless stated otherwise. McDonald's famously adapts it's menu to the local taste and culture, hence you'll find in Japan teriyaki burgers and the "Moonviewing Burger" (tsukimi burger 月見バーガー) which has as a main topping an egg. But there are hardly any halal fast food stores in Tokyo or Japan. McDonalds was one of the first fast food chains to arrive in the Indian market and probably remains the most popular choice among all fast food brands. You can ask the respective restaurant Managers to show you the certificate for your satisfaction and confirmation.” In a massive outrage tweeter users have been arguing why McDonalds, all of whose outlets are Halal certified has no answer for Jhatka meat. You can sign in to vote the answer. The bread they bake are all included non halal shortening(lard or butter) too. Can tourists visit Japan in the current Coronavirus pandemic? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Get your answers by asking now. Look how politely you replied to this religious complaint. I don't think so, since it's not a Muslim country. Halal certification is voluntary.” It then went on to explain that halal food is specifically mentioned so that users can make an “informed choice.” Ironically, this had come after Zomato had claimed, “food doesn’t have a religion”, when one of the Zomato users had cancelled an order because the delivery boy was a non-Hindu. One of those principles is that the slaughter should be performed by a Muslim. It is important to mention here that McDonalds’ journey in India has been more than two decades long. We do not have to care if the food is halal or not. favy | Your favorite Japanese food & restaurant, McDonald's Japan Official (In Japanese Only), Must-Try Restaurants at the American Village in Okinawa. ^_^, if u r planning to stay there then i guess u will have 2 figure it out on ur own...places like mcdonalds,KFC, burger king n subway will only serve halal stuff in Muslim countries...bcoz of the countries non Muslim country they will definetly nt serve halal case in non muslim countries u shud only go for vegetarian stuff like vegie burger n stuff.......hope this helps. Japan is not a muslim country. Just go roam around. It has been seen time and again that those engaged in the food industry have been pandering to the demand of availability of Halal food. Today it is making one missile after another. Find out they differ in terms of calories and macronutrients. This therefore negates the very idea that food does not have a religion. 【Oct 2020】TOP 10 Popular Halal/Muslim Friendly Restaurants in Japan., — Ankur Singh (@iAnkurSingh) August 1, 2019. McDonald's and Gojek welcome November with special promotions and up to a 50% discount for users However, the manner in which it had given an explanation about Halal meat had left several tweeter users angry. Two Rich New Chicken Burgers At McDonald's Japan From February 7th, 2018! The nostalgia connected with McDonalds has translated into massive revenue for the brand. But they turned him a thousand times more powerful, Zubin Irani, Guv Swaraj, Mr Sitharaman and more – Dear Barkha, there are many happy Indian husbands of successful women, Ravish Kumar perfectly analyses Chirag Paswan’s strategy without tearing up and it is commendable, A delicious affair: BJP is voraciously eating into the vote bank of Bihar’s caste-based parties, Extending its PLI scheme, Modi govt is set to cover 10 sectors with a whopping Rs 2 lakh crore package, The Tata vs Mistry feud is all set to bring billions of rupees to the Indian govt’s coffers, Manufacturing up. is now ubiquitous throughout the country. Earlier, Zomato had faced an outrage after it gave an explanation about Halal meat, stating, “Restaurants (whether a Muslim establishment or otherwise) serving meat specifically obtain halal certification by an all-India body. Therefore, the nonchalant attitude towards Jhatka meat is now being seen as something highly objectionable. In October, there was concern over hot dogs sold by Auntie Anne's. You think that your McDonald's Big Mac or fries are the same whether you are in Japan or the USA? I am in Australia and I am thinking of going to tokyo later on in the year and i was wondering if there are any Halal fast food stores there do you guys know of any? Just go vegetarian for a bit, lol. (2/2), — McDonald's India (@mcdonaldsindia) August 22, 2019, Go To Hell, then. FSSAI license is mandatory. 2020年11月4日 【Oct 2020】TOP 10 Popular Halal/Muslim Friendly Restaurants in Japan But still he complained because the restaurant also has Pork in its Menu. I don't know of any halal, but they do have: McDonalds, Burger King (i found one in Sunshine City), KFC, WENDYS (yea whats that about), Subway... they had Wolfgang Puck too. We do not have to care if the food is halal or not. Check Out These Places! But there are hardly any halal fast food stores in Tokyo or Japan. Source(s): Tokyo resident. The nostalgia connected with McDonalds has translated into massive revenue for the brand. The right of the consumer to make an “informed choice” must be respected and now other popular outlets such as KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. Definitely no halal or kosher fast food chain restaurants never ever in anywhere in Japan. Download My McDonald’s App for the latest deals and more! Only At Henry's Burger in Akihabara (Tokyo), A Triple Patty Wagyu Burger! Not consuming Halal meat or any other specific kind of meat for that matter is essentially an individual choice. People are curious to know about the local differences in menu items at McDonald's, taking for granted that the standards will be the same. There's western fast food chains with those restaurants all across Japan, especially in Tokyo.