Did I leave any great names off the list? Best wishes to you and your soon-to-be bundle of joy! A lot of boys’ names are on both the 1920s list and the 2018 list not because they’ve come back, but because they never went away. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Josephine It means ‘brave heart’. There are quite a few names that seem unlikely to make a comeback. Harvey Lonnie can be a shortened version of the German name, Alonzo, meaning ‘ready for battle’, or can be a name in its own right. My poor great grandparents. After the Harry Potter series, I’m sorry to say, no one will name their child Myrtle, like Moaning Myrtle.

I almost wish I had saved Warren as a first name though because we are pregnant again and I am at a lost if it is another boy. Hazel Everett My sister is pregnant - not sure of gender though - she's thinking of Harry if its a boy but she's open for suggestions, I don't honestly like the name very much and have been trying to find something... We're looking for something classic, long but can be shortened. English form of the Latin name, Iacomus and the name of two apostles from the New Testament. NO. Call me crazy, but I’m for sure going to use it. Oliver & Sebastian are on my favourites list also. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Was shocked to see that Ethel is considered unattractive, I think it’s adorable!! Nora

My favourite guys name woul have to be Edward. My coming baby is baby boy any suggestion name for my baby boy thank you....God bless. I think of a certain movie scene when I hear the name Beulah. These include: Agnes

My dad’s name was Floyd Warren and I really wanted to incorporate it with my son. There were several male Abijahs in the Bible, one of them, known as Abijah of Judah, was the fourth king of the House of... Read More, Colonial Americans used many Biblical names forgotten by modern baby namers; this is an Old Testament descendant of Shem. I love the names Griffin and Nathaniel for boys and Bridget and Rebel for girls. I’m somewhat shocked that no one has said they like that name. The only caveat: The choices are much wider and more appealing for boys than for girls. Wilbur was originally a surname which means ‘wild boar’. It’s an old English name. From literary heroines to Spanish princesses, this list offers plenty of inspiration to help you find a beautiful name for your daughter. Another favorite. If you have chosen one of these names for your son, I'd love to hear which one and the middle name you chose to go along with it. If you’re inspired a bit of the old-fashioned when it comes to naming your future child, baby naming website Nameberry drew up a list of names that all featured within the top 500 most popular back in 1918 - just over 100 years ago - but which haven't featured in any of the top 1,000 names in recent decades. From the Scottish top 100 from 1900 I could see a revival of: Annie I’ll be very disappointed if suddenly it becomes popular.

Melvin is a Gaelic name that was originally a surname. Silvia In the Bible, Adam was the first man God created. Both mean ‘famous warrior’. I am the mom of a Matilda and an Eloise. Luella. Clarence was derived from a Latin title for members of the British family. Originally Jack was a nickname for John. I also have son’s named Corbin Shaffer and Zade Emerson. Velma Arthur is the mythic king of Britain renown in legend.

Shortened version of Joseph, meaning ‘God will increase’. I have an uncle named Hillman, who was named after his uncle Hillman. Leona Learn how your comment data is processed. Vincent Anthony comes from the Roman family name, Antonius. LEO — Maybe the next Max? Let me know! A lot of people love this name because it seems to envelop a period of lockets and lace, which is perfect when parents want a name that screams old-fashioned. I’m pregnant with our 4th and looking for a unique or old fashioned name to go with these. Poised for a comeback, I’m sure. Homer Same goes for “Dixie” which I spotted in another article on this website – we have portable toilet cubicles (the ones used on building sites) called “Dixies”. So petite and elegant! Harvey is an English baby name that stems from an old Breton name meaning ‘blazing’. Samuel If I have kids I like: Ernest (after my favorite writer), Victoria, Rose, Allan (after my Grandfather), and of course a violet for my stepmom! Wilfred. Brill. This list of old fashioned boy names from the 1800s will help you find the perfect name! Genevieve Gerald Wilbert, Want more ideas? These, Nameberry predicts, are likely to becoming increasingly selected by parents keen to call their children something unique. Jacob Issac is a Hebrew name meaning ‘he will laugh, he will rejoice’. I know they’re outdated, but are they really that bad? It is derived from a Roman clan name, Vergilius. I love vintage names and wanted something diff and sexy yet meaningful. Kyran. I love pretty names like Lily and Julia but it is a shame they are being used so much. Calvin comes from the French surname Cauvin. Tim is named after my husband and Turd is the combination of Turtle + Dan, both family names and nicknames. I have a Valerie and a Hazel, need to come up with a boy and girl old school name as we don’t know gender yet!

This was popular at the turn of the last century (1900) in USA (think Helen Keller) while it became very popular in Britain much later than that, in the 1950s and 1960s (I have many friends called Helen), so here it is not seen as such an “old lady” name. Once old-fashioned baby names in the Top 200 today include: Alice Evelyn was on my list!!! They are now 14 days old still with no name please email me suggestions thanks. Guys, I find it really funny (and exciting – maybe it won’t ever get trendy?) Looking for names for your baby boy? What’s wrong with Phyllis? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Retro names for the most part are traditional in the sense that they have been around for centuries and have Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Celtic, or Germanic roots and meanings. Mabel excellent list, I do love Clyde and Cecil for boys, I’m not brave enough to use them but I adore the names.

It’s much beloved among LDS people; it’s the name of (late) President Hinckley’s (late) wife and I predict that if there’s a resurgence, it will spike in Utah and across the Western intermountain Book-Of-Mormon Belt. Many parents love the idea of a ‘grandfather name’ which simple means an old fashioned name, like one your grandfather would have had. I am a younger June Evelyn at 49, so my name is not very common for my age group. Harry for a girl I want to name her Aurora, and if its a boy I was thinking Anton. Stanley What names do you think still sound outdated? Florence I think most of these names are beautiful and have really enjoyed reading them! Another nice thing about a "vintage" or "retro" name is that you can mine your family tree and name your baby boy after a beloved grandfather, great-grandfather, or great-uncle. Beatrice My mother, born 1921, is Joyce (also my middle name, and a name I am not personally fond of although in the UK, it was No 1 for girls in the late 1920s!). Flora. WILLIAM — really coming back!