Payment of Wages Bill, 1991: Committee and Final Stages. Parts I and II do not apply to employment where under his contract the person employed ordinarily works outside Great Britain. 25) Introductory Text; Acts Referred to; 1. Any provision in an agreement shall be void in so far as it purports to exclude or limit the operation of any provision of this Part, or to preclude any person from presenting a complaint under section 5; but this subsection shall not apply to an agreement to refrain from presenting or continuing with a complaint where a conciliation officer has taken action in accordance with section 133(2) or (3) of the 1978 Act. (4)Schedule 2 shall have effect with respect to the constitution, proceedings and officers of a wages council. in the case of a complaint under subsection (1)(c) or (d), the tribunal shall order the employer to pay or (as the case may be) repay to the worker any amount recovered or received from him in excess of any such limit as is mentioned in that provision. by the Minister after consultation with the Minister for Finance. Education and Training Boards Act 2013 (11/2013), s. 72(1) and sch. 3 Pt. (iii) any payment referable to the employee's redundancy. (b) References in any enactment or instrument under an enactment to the Employment For further information see the Editorial Practice Guide and Glossary under Help. a ( Part 2 of the Schedule, and. undertakings or warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness or up to date nature b c) an act to provide further protection for employees in relation to the payment of wages, to facilitate the payment of wages otherwise than in cash, for that purpose to repeal the truck acts, 1831 to 1896, and related enactments and to provide for connected matters. in accordance with this Act), or. Repealed (1.10.2015) by No. 6(2)(3). the amount of any deductions or payments made in the case of those workers in respect of the provision of living accommodation by the employer; The employer of any such workers shall post in the prescribed manner such notices as may be prescribed for the purpose of informing the workers—, of any order under section 14, or proposal under paragraph 1 of Schedule 3, that affects them; or. (b)be treated as payable to him as such on the day on which the payment is made. (2)When acting for the purposes of this Part any such officer shall, if so required, produce some duly authenticated document showing his authority so to act; and if it appears to any such officer that any person with whom he is dealing while so acting does not know that he is an officer acting for the purposes of this Part he shall identify himself as such to that person.