Oldham’s council leader said on Wednesday day that a lockdown in the town was a “very real threat”, but warned it would be “catastrophic” for the local economy. There is no dire need to rush an untested vaccine into production and inoculate large numbers of people. The rest (169,200) involve other negative health conditions that also contribute to the death. Click here to check out our section of math story problems. This is a decrease from 109.7 in the seven days to 8 August. See lots more number stories sent in from November 2000 - May 2002. Please give it a minute to finish loading. Change ), Faulty FDA Paper on Aluminum in Vaccines Safety, Many COVID Cases Might Not Be Infectious; CDC Backtracks About “Airborne” Coronavirus, Studies: Adequate Vitamin D Can Reduce COVID-19 Risks, Faulty FDA Paper on Aluminum in Vaccines Safety, COVID-19 Cooked Numbers and Lockdowns Based on Fraud. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. The town currently has one of the highest rates of new COVID-19 infections in England, despite already facing tighter restrictions along with the rest of Greater Manchester. Read more: Europe no longer 'epicentre' of coronavirus pandemic, says WHO. Twitter. On Wednesday, health secretary Matt Hancock did not rule out a local lockdown in the town, telling Times Radio that the government will do “what is necessary” while working closely with the council. He said their approach was “highly targeted, it is proportionate, and we believe that the case is made to continue what we are doing, to see if we can then create a further decrease in the coming days”. Read more: Coronavirus patients still suffering from complications three months later, Latest case numbers for GM I am writing to @MattHancock, with the support of all 10 Leaders, calling for:▪️no new restrictions on Oldham beyond those already in place▪️relaxation of the ban on gatherings in Wigan▪️further business opening allowed everywhere (ex Oldham) pic.twitter.com/4OqlMicd6N, — Andy Burnham (@AndyBurnhamGM) August 19, 2020. If there have been what are termed 180,000 COVID-19 deaths, the current number that receives the greatest attention, the CDC is now saying that 10,800 have COVID-19 as the sole cause. They are known to be harmful in many ways, including causing deaths that otherwise would not have occurred. Addition and Subtraction Poems; Double Numbers Poems; Ways To Add to 10 Poems. Investigations against the perpetrators of these lockdowns, that is the individual officials responsible for them, must be launched. In this video he is describing how there is no legal doubt about the possibility of a class action lawsuit against those responsible for the lockdowns. He said: “If I look at the number of people in hospital right now there are about 1,250 across the Pennine Trust, only nine of them actually have COVID in a bed today.”, Read more: Children may carry more Covid-19 in systems than previously thought, “And so when you focus on cases you get this wrong and there’s a threshold in this where you’re talking about 0.0005 of the population you’re going to bring in lockdown measures and I think this is incoherent and unsustainable.”. ( Log Out /  The main measures that need to be taken are for elderly people in bad health to be kept away from people with infections, not only of COVID-19 but other similar sicknesses. And the fact that this whole thing has been based on a fraud, a scam, cooked up numbers and media panic and hysteria, it’s infuriating! And while the CDC and the states’ “public health” departments have been exaggerating the number of actual COVID 19 deaths many times over all these months now, most of the deaths on the list were of other causes. I kept on walking and on the way I saw eight pictures. Adults could introduce story problems with a large group of three and four year olds. Agile Scrum is based on the concept of working iteratively in short sprints, typically two weeks long, where the requirements and development are continuously being improved. See illustrated stories from Macao (June 2006). A high proportion of people in Oldham are asymptomatic so the best course of action is to pause and let the test and trace system function, Heneghan said.