The two instruments often compliment each other and the order of learning is less relevant than learning. If you love music for its melody lines or interesting structures of chords and harmonies, you may have more fun playing the guitar. There’s simply no leeway when you’re the rhythm section, and bass lines are often in off beats, etc. If, however, you take more musical joy from the rhythm or the force of the sound, you'll like being a bass player. if our civilization were to end, what type of music would you hope others rediscover to tell them more about our culture? Bass guitars are larger than six-string guitars. Learning an instrument well takes time and dedication. Any advice on what should I learn first? In your own opinion, does eating of right food affects the performance of the dancers? It's all described in more detail in the videos. PIANO. When I moved over to bass, I loved how easy it was to play. Guitars can get very messy and confusing with lots of notes and chords and for a beginner, it can be overwhelming. If you are likely to learn the guitar for initially (Or perhaps you attempted before and only could not obtain the "hang" of it), then Jamorama is the right program for you since every session includes a video to accompany the concepts, and after you have removed via a week of classes, you can download and print a workout page connected with these lessons. 1 decade ago. Also, check out Thundercat and MonoNeon. Bass guitar strings themselves are also thicker and spaced apart more. There are lots of bands where the singer (and/or songwriter) is the bassist. Its closer to playing lead lines and singing at the same time. Is it weird that I’m calmer at public speaking than one on one? Which one should I learn first: bass or guitar? Get your answers by asking now. I play both! So lately I've been wondering this because I'd like to try singing while playing an instrument. save hide report. If OP prefer the bass, then he should play bass. Take a moment to consider whether bass or guitar is the right instrument for you. A bass has a larger sound as well. And of course I'll check those artists out, they sound very cool. (I'm really short, so I had to stretch to reach 7th position) And, low brass to bass. As I write my own songs, perhaps learning to play the guitar might be useful as well, but honestly I find the bass way more enjoyable. If you like bass better go for it. I suspect that after a few years you'll want to learn guitar as well, say if you start wanting to write your own songs, that kind of thing. A bass has a larger sound as well. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Well I own 3 electric guitars so I will just give you my opinion. A bass will let you wield deep, rumbling notes that can shake up a stage, while a guitar is used for higher melodies and harmonies that don't need as much volume. Guitar vs. Bass: Which is Better to Learn? If you're only learning an instrument because your parents want you to, you're not going to have the motivation to really work at it and become great at it, and you may well just quit before long. 12 comments. If you really intend learning both, the guitar is the one to learn first. Still have questions? Generally speaking, it's the bass (and yes, the drums too) that get a crowd up and moving. On a bass, you usually play one note at a time and get to move all over your instrument. A very important thing about that is when you obtain these principles down, the names and the technicality just float to the backdrop and you don't really have to think about it a whole lot more – you can only perform! It's easy to hurt your wrist, especially with the fretting shapes you make with your hands on bass.