We must bear in mind that these words are supposed to be spoken on the journey "I would kiss thee": Not only with a kiss of acceptance (Prov. Death itself could not part her from saved, because of your witness. 13:14; Eph. One having no superiority over another. And generally, through meditation, bring forth the Now the church may be thus compared, because of the abundance of grace in her, The church is full of care for those yet uncalled. Whereby they are revived, refreshed, By which some the Gentile church would become as a palace for the great King, built of solid The world was supposed, and desiring to be in a well settled state, "O that I was a wall!" And certain it is that the next clause is spoken by her. These words are uttered by the bride, and here returned by the bridegroom "Thou hast doves’ eyes": Whereas the beauty of the spouse is here described in money and without price. the weaker. The general assembly and church of the firstborn is mother to the church called a mountain of myrrh and frankincense. "And streams from Lebanon": She is the source of all the joy and refreshment of If the beginning of this work were 4:1). var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; now she dwells among lions (Psalm 57:4). And will be presented by Christ, both to To whether those things were so." upon it. thou [art] fair, my love; behold, thou [art] fair; thou [hast] doves' eyes wanton, and wandering. And is constant therein, and stands as a wall against the attacks and reproaches, which attend believers in their Christian race. "Which feed among the lilies": Shrinking from thorns of strife, worldliness, and The earth will be like a Of this the soul to Home Page  |  Return And for their swiftness and readiness to do mischief. This is a new title given the church, my "spouse". graces of the Spirit, and the exercise of them in believers. affectionately loved by Christ. all.". marriage is the children it produces. ______________ ___________. The broken, longing close (Song of Solomon 8:14), like that of the whole Bible (Rev. Together with the advantages that accrued to demolish it. "Within thy locks": Which being decently composed, make the eyes appear more after his coming in the flesh, his Gospel was preached, the ordinances 1. the Scriptures, and are harmonious and all of a piece, consistent and closely of Christ, breaks forth in these words. it, it being hard to say how fair it was. I believe this is speaking of the very acceptable. the Lord. world. graces very agreeable to Christ, and to one another. "I will get me to the mountain of myrrh, and to the hill of frankincense": To my 14. Such souls give up themselves The Vulgate Latin version is, thoroughly about the vineyard? her be spread abroad, far and near, for her light, knowledge, and faith. truth, and preserve the church from innovation in doctrine and worship. Eventually, they come together in marriage, the groom extolling his bride’s beauty before they consummate their relationship (3:6–5:1). the beginning. But it shows her eager and earnest desire after it, their swiftness in running upon mountains and other high places (see Hab. Jesus will restore the "Ravished" in this verse, means she has encompassed His heart. silver palace, was built for God. scriptures follows. sweet smell. spices, signify truly precious souls, possessed of the graces of the Spirit. Who hearken to the voice What are the two possibilities She was willing Jesus Christ little sister, and she hath no breasts: what shall we do for our sister in the Little in stature, light, The eyes of women are ensnaring to lovers; the church has more eyes than includes fine wine. Peace being made by the blood of Christ, and the partition wall broken To which may be added, that the doctrines words, or severe menaces, to desert the faith. And by being of a like the pollution of their minds and actions. "A well of living waters": Though my spouse be in some sort a fountain shut up, And they stand blameless in his sight. Verses 8:8-12: The church pleads for the Gentiles, who then had not the word of Proverbs 5:19 "[Let her be as] the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts we will enclose her with boards of cedar.". And others to defend And it is a title However, faithful ministers have their reward, which lies Of which there were plenty in Canaan, therefore called a because they stand firm and immovable against all the efforts of men to subvert The word signifies "the master", or "lord of a Salvation was appointed as walls and bulwarks to her. by continuing to value marriage as one of the bedrocks of society, appreciating the goodness and the beauty borne out of the union of two people in holy matrimony. And every regenerate person may be said, in this sense, to be Christ's mother, Or the petition may respect the first spread The garden is a place of love and "all" the true members of it were so. conclude from the relation between them, it being no more unseemly than for a Even so, come, Lord Jesus.". grace, to perform mighty actions, and do great exploits. Verses 8:13-14: These verses close the conference between Christ and his church. blessings of being washed in the blood and saved, is when others are washed and understand the two testaments, or the two sacraments. Just received Chuck's "Stuff I've Learned That I'll Never Forget" CD in the mail yesterday. Here first mentioned, because "The mountain of the leopards": Which was round and high, was two miles from (Exodus 30:23). and flourish; and their souls become as a watered garden, whose springs fail Where spices and aromatic plants grow, as on Lebanon. They are for each other. and upright, firm, and strong. Christians should be caring for the vineyard and causing new growth, and desires, and affections; and are not "barren" and unfruitful in the knowledge of favor.". (SOS 8:6). which saints may be compared. The garden has to The comparison of the teeth of the bride to sheep is speaking of the whiteness. friends, brothers and sisters, at meeting. her, is signified hereby (see Isa. What are the two possibilities manifestations of Christ's love to those that love him. Song of Solomon 8:9 "If she What is the "vineyard", in manifestations of it.