But just a couple of years later, Petrino is happy as can be back at Louisville. ", some serious mistakes, both in the information I failed to share during my arbitration hearing and the comments I made to the press afterwards. As Sports Illustrated's Nicole Conlan reports, Twitter was abuzz after organizers thought it was a good idea to make #AskEmmert go viral. That sentiment rang true when the NFL had to deal with the Saints' budding "bounty-gate" scandal in 2012. For the most part, we have decided to err on the side of light and airy. European Tour Originals presents The 200 Yard Gong Shot. Conlan rounded up a number of hilarious tweets. 0 of 15. Following a car crash and shocking revelations of Woods' extramarital affairs, the golfer would see his empire take a massive hit as it pertains to endorsements and fan approval. Lance Armstrong finally decided to come clean about his doping. With live scores, fixtures from world of Football, Rugby, Boxing and Cricket all on The Sun. Not surprisingly, that decision came after a wealth of reports alleging the former cyclist  had used performance-enhancing drugs popped up around the Internet. With soccer/football being somewhat of a fringe sport in the US, and new teams often struggling to find supporter bases, Orlando City needed something creative to get eyes trained their way. European Tour Originals presents The Clay Pigeon Golf Shot. ", A similar story seems to be playing out regarding the Los Angeles Clippers. Read our Site FAQ for more, including how to get involved. Well, it's a new day in Lakers Land. Sports in which he was said to have told other players that he heard [Dino] Laurenzi rooted for the Cubs — a division rival of the Brewers — and was an anti-Semite.". The Associated Press, via ESPN.com, reported at the time that Woods lost roughly $22 million in deals in 2010 because of the scandal. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. One league investigation later, Favre was forced to pay the NFL $50,000 for not cooperating with the investigation. It must be addressed immediately, however, or the sport's vitality will suffer. Fortunately, he is the best basketball player on the planet, so most, if not all, stains from that ill-fated night have washed clean. To fans' credit, we don't really see a need for Clark here.

This promotional video by Adidas for their new line of shoes. Adidas Dare to Create. Carlos Tevez is fast becoming public enemy No 1 in Manchester and he may want to avoid the Old Trafford area this Sunday with fans being encourage to trash their Tevez shirts. The Los Angeles Lakers also should not have to resort to billboards and hashtag campaigns … ALL, Entertainment, Sport. LeBron James and ESPN decided that it would be mutually beneficial to air the NBA star's free-agency decision. Sport ‘Ever wondered what your ex is up to’ – Jose Mourinho billboard trolls Chelsea fans. Lewd images would later reach websites such as Deadspin, and the Jets—and to a larger degree, the NFL—had a giant scandal on their hands. We can go ahead and proclaim a sizable portion of Sochi mishaps as funny.

Whether it's goals, his fashion sense or his crazy off-field antics, former Manchester City man Mario Balotelli is never far from being tabloid news... Andy Murray survived a Spanish onslaught under the Centre Court roof to move into the second round of Wimbledon - after showing off special bag. At the heart of the controversy stood Gregg Williams, who had started the "bounty" program. As you would imagine, it didn't sit well with fans.

They placed tickets to an upcoming game around downtown Orlando, and posted clues as to their whereabouts on social media. Unfortunately, this isn't the kind of issue that is fixed overnight or with a rule adjustment here or there. From teams considering a text message media blitz to organizations coming up with a hashtag masterpiece, we have compiled a fairly substantial look at some rather peculiar ideas gone very bad. As ESPNBoston.com reported, "While the Red Sox went from leading the Tampa Bay Rays by nine games in the wild-card race to missing the playoffs, [Josh] Beckett, [Jon] Lester and [John] Lackey went 2-7 with a 6.45 ERA.". Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Cookie Policy. Of course, the most unsavory aspects of the story are the allegations of how Armstrong treated colleagues and workers. Love for our favorite teams seems to stop at texting. Back in 2011, the Boston Red Sox suffered a brief and sudden collapse that saw them out of the MLB postseason that year. In this case, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre was taken to task over allegations that he had sent inappropriate missives to then-Jets staffer Jenn Sterger. See more ideas about Stunts, Campaign, Sports. Taking a break from relatively heavy fare, we give you the Cubs' decision to market a kid-friendly mascot—something that led to hilarious reactions and backlash all over social media.

In fact, it would be best if both entities just hid in a corner for a spell in hopes of sports fans forgetting about their existence. 15 Sports PR Disasters. The Boston Globe aided in that effort in October of 2011, profiling the team and its predilection for chicken, beer, video games and partying. Otherwise, prepare to cringe while enjoying some public relations blunders so bad they are actually quite entertaining. That admission played out over a marathon interview with Oprah Winfrey, introducing the former champion as nothing more than the latest shamed athlete. NCAA President Mark Emmert isn't exactly winning any popularity contests at the moment, and neither is the NCAA, for that matter.

Could David Howell, Paul McGinley, Marcel Siem or Rhys Davies skim a ball 200 yards across a lake an... Keeping you up to date on the latest sports news from the UK and the World. .

Adidas does killer collaborations. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you athletes. Famous Campaigns is an independent blog dedicated to celebrating the best in PR and marketing stunts and campaigns. Now, the league has to wait and see what comes of an ongoing lawsuit that hopes to take care of thousands of retired players. If ever there was a horribly nasty PR nightmare, it was the moment we all learned Tiger Woods' squeaky-clean image was just that—an image. ", defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams, League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis. Concussions, and player health in general, have become front-and-center issues for the NFL, culminating in the eye-opening documentary League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis, which served to cast a negative light on the league. Losses pile up, and star players decide it's far better to rock another uniform than it is to don purple and gold. Giant player portraits at Twickenham mark the start of the rugby season, Nike’s ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ ad clocks up 40 Million views, Paddy Power and Peter Crouch create ‘world’s most COVID-compliant football party’, German football fans fill the stadium with cardboard cutouts, ‘Just Don’t Do It’: Nike launch anti-racism ad post George Floyd’s death, McCann turns Japan Railways into a TRAINing opportunity, ‘This Girl Can’ mark 5th anniversary with candid campaign, Estudiantes reopen new stadium with Flaming Lion hologram, Nike paint Los Angeles running track in pride flag colours, Overkill unveil jet-ski sneaker in Berlin, New Balance Pizza Co. pop-up provides free pizza in exchange for miles.

At least we all forgot about his inability to retire. They came up with the idea of a social media scavenger hunt. Thongchai Jaide... Paddy Power has continued its campaign of cheeky marketing stunts by placing a wax work of former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson contained in a glass box outside Old Trafford, with the following sign: “In case of Emergency at Old Trafford, Break Glass.”The stunt was pulled this morning following Chelsea’s 3-1 victory over the Premier League Champions, who have struggled for form under new manager David Moyes. There is good marketing, and there is bad marketing.

Well, that certainly seemed like a swell idea. The only thing Dwight Howard likes more than basketball might be other people liking him. Former Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino and the Arkansas football program were rocked with scandal when Petrino crashed his motorcycle back in 2012, which ultimately led to revelations of a relationship he had with a staff member and allegations about how she received her job. Can any of these top golfers knock a clay pigeon out of the sky with a golf ball? My favorite: "#AskEmmert remember that time you mismanaged a $150 million building project at UConn so badly the governor ordered an investigation?". Our first contender is not promoting a specific team, club or sport but being active in … ‘Ever wondered what your ex is up to’ – Jose Mourinho billboard trolls Chelsea fans, Pitch perfect! The Lakers managed the equivalent of getting down on their knees and begging a player to stay, something that would have been unthinkable in the old regime. There were so many issues that the hashtag "#SochiProblems" reverberated around the world. ", You can read the entire release at FoxSports.com, although Ken Rosenthal does bring up an interesting point: "Braun, in his statement, did not address recent stories from ESPN and Yahoo!