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Phat "supamen" Le is an American player who currently plays for Dignitas. The only new name is POISED, someone who competed as an amateur. I’ve competed against Dignitas multiple times over my gaming career and I’m proud to join such a prestigious organisation.”. Dignitas has signed a pro VALORANT roster still to be unveiled ⚫, 国内外のVALORANTに関する情報を掲載するニュースサイト。大会情報や移籍情報等に関する話題を取り扱います。, Logicool G ゲーミングマウス GPRO HERO ワイヤレス LIGHTSYNC RGB G-PPD-002WLr, エルダーフレイムヴァンダルが咆哮し続けるバグが発見、ブラジルのFIRST STRIKEでは使用禁止に, リーバーコレクションのVFX、フィニッシャーはRiot Gamesにインターンで入った学生が製作、実際の製作者がRedditに登場, Shroudが視聴者から寄せられた「今好きなFPSタイトルは?」の質問にVALORANTと回答, 「Team Empire」がプロらしからぬ振る舞いを理由にプレイヤーを解雇、美容院を優先し大会を欠場, ブラジルのプレイヤーが配信で発した差別発言によりRiot Gamesより大会出場停止処分に、同時に所属チームより解雇が発表, 【VALORANT】パッチノート1.11 | ブリーチの強化、サイファーの弱体化、キルジョイの調整、左手モードの追加、マネーシステムの変更、新エージェントスカイの登場, 「Absolute JUPITER」コーチにXQQが就任、JUNiOR、XQQの2人のコーチによる新体制へ, VALORANTに2つの新マップが予定を早めリリースか、開発者がインタビューで語る, パッチ1.11でサイファーのトラップワイヤー、キルジョイのアラームボットが回収後も次ラウンドへ持ち越されないように, 今後のアップデートでブリーチ、サイファー、キルジョイ、ブリムストーンの調整を予定か, アイスボックスに隠されたイースターエッグ、次期エージェントは日本出身のエージェントか. The only new name is POISED, someone who competed as an amateur CS:GO player while balancing education, and now going full time in Valorant. The squad managed to take third/fourth place in the PAX Arena Invitational Ignition Series event and came fifth/sixth in the Pittsburgh Knights Invitational Gauntlet Series this past weekend. There is nothing else on our minds right now, we are not frightened of anybody and plan on showing it. A fifth player for Dignitas Valorant is expected to be announced soon. 1663 9 XSET United States.

“Dignitas have proven that they can provide the resources and expertise to their players to become world champions,” said dephh. The team will make its competitive debut in the upcoming Pop Flash Invitational later in August. Text/code is available under CC-BY-SA.. Players are shown for the entire duration of their tenure on the team, with the role and substitute/trainee status they had upon their departure. On Thursday August 20, Dignitas made an announcement that confirmed several rumors around their VALORANT team. Sports: Facebook Twitter Esports: Facebook Twitter, @2020 - thegamehaus.com. In addition to their League of Legends team, Dignitas also sponsors … This is a big signing for the Dignitas organization, which already has top teams in a number of games. The latest entry into the VALORANT scene announced the signing of four members of the unowned team “Homeless”.