Some countries have existing programmes to select youth delegates. The Commission for Social Development is a functional commission of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Generally, this agenda item is considered in the Third Committee of the General Assembly during the month of October, however, this is subject to change based on the annual programmes of work adopted by Member States. The EU Social Summit in Gothenburg, Sweden, What’s Next: UK Young Ambassadors launch research for Structured Dialogue Cycle VI. Environmental pollution master’s student at the University of Reading (United Kingdom), Executive Director - Joint Initiative for Development Read more:, Yale’s World Fellows programme looks like a grea, World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leaders Cl, The Africa Scholarship Programme (ASP) has been in, Paid Internship Alert! The body is in charge of the follow-up and implementation of the Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action of the World Summit for Social Development and meets annually in February for one and a half weeks. Some countries have existing programmes to select youth delegates. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The agenda of the Commission for Social Development, is available. We empower young people across the UK to have a say and be heard, 02072508374 • And secondly, once they have established the position, the body overseeing the progamme will have to initiate a selection process. Typically youth delegates that have been selected for the General Assembly also participate in the Commission for Social Development, since the work of the two bodies is closely interlinked. For several months, the campaigns team for the implementation of the Youth Delegate Programme has been establishing key international partnerships with current and former UN Youth Delegates, as well as international UN Youth organisations across the globe, in order to … Leon Ward and Kavita Sharma are the UK representatives to the Commonwealth Youth Forum and Council. Every two years, there will be elections to the Advisory Panel on Youth, FCC, and Board. Alison Greaves, from Rochdale, will be the UK's youth representative at the UN's winter conference next month. For more information and latest news take a look at the UK Young Ambassadors website, follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. She added: “I had taken the year out to go travelling before I get my head down and start my degree. During my time as a Member of Youth Parliament in Somerset, I’ve consulted with youth to create an employment skills workshop to get young people skills needed for the world of work. UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development, International Year of Youth: 08/2010 – 08/2011, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), Guide to Youth Delegates to the United Nations, agenda of the Commission for Social Development, The HLPF is the main United Nations platform on sustainable development. The former Ajax midfielder has found playing time hard to come by at Man Utd but is highly rated at Old Trafford and in the Netherlands. She said: “The conference is about realising the UN’s 2030 agenda. The Forum adopts intergovernmentally negotiated political declarations and meets annually under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council (for eight days, including a three-day ministerial segment) and every four years at the level of Heads of State and Government under the auspices of the General Assembly (for two days). Tara is looking forward to a busy year ahead and said: “A lot of our work will be around peace and security and sustainable development. Email:, British Youth CouncilCAN Mezzanine 49-51 East Road London N1 6AH. Impressions from the first residential meeting of the UKYA to the Structured Dialogue by Lucy Boardman, Short summary about the Commonwealth Youth Council experience by Leon Ward, Kavita Explains Her Role as a Key Player in the Commonwealth Women’s Mentorship Programme, Ewan Shares His Experience at the Y20 in Berlin, Germany, Ewan attends the House of Lords Educating Beyond Borders Committee, Pegah Reports on the Council of Members meeting, April 2017 – Brussels, Belgium, Pegah feeds back from “EYE CON” (Empowering youth for employment) Skopje, Macedonia, Gareth reflects on the EU conference in Malta, Arooj reflects on the EU Youth Conference, Sophie attends the EU Youth Conference in Slovakia, Join Us In Celebrating Our European Youth Voice on 10th July. Subscribe to our newsletter and join other subscribers. I’m currently studying Theatre and English at Brunel University London. Takyiwa Danso was one of two UK youth delegates to the UN General Assembly in New York. Guide to Youth Delegates to the United Nations: English I Français I Español I Русский I  عربي I  汉语, Meet the 2019 Youth Delegates to the General Assembly, Meet the 2019 Youth Delegates to the 57th Commission for Social Development – CSocD57, 74th session | 73rd session | 72nd session | 71st session | 70th session | 69th session | 68th session | 67th session | 66th session| 65th session| 64th session | 63rd session| 62nd session| 61st session | 60th session | 59th session | 58th session | 57th session | 56th session| 55th session, 57th session | 56th session | 55th session | 52nd session | 49th session | 46th session | 45th session | 47th session |.