Could another U.S. ship be hijacked today? [18], Da den Piraten eine Flucht mit dem langsamen Rettungsboot nicht möglich war, hielten sie den Kapitän des Containerschiffes in dem Rettungsboot weiterhin als Geisel und verlangten Lösegeld sowie ein Schnellboot. After the Maersk Alabama hijacking, security teams aboard at-risk ships had as many as five components. $30G went missing in SEAL rescue of Capt. [7] She was hijacked by pirates near Somalia in 2009 and her crew held hostage. Der Unterstützungsversuch scheiterte jedoch, da die Piraten das Rettungsboot nicht fanden. [9] Die Ladung bestand vor allem aus Lebensmitteln des Welternährungsprogramms der Vereinten Nationen für mehrere Länder in Ostafrika. [40] In April, following receipt of a toxicology report which found alcohol in the men's blood, police confirmed that death had been caused by consumption of alcohol and heroin. “You are basically coastwise for days and in close proximity to shoals and other vessels.”. Rich Phillips was the catalyst; hundreds of sailors had been taken before but it didn’t make the news.”. Talking With Captain Phillips’s Real-Life First Mate, Shane Murphy. Die Möglichkeit einer Verschleppung der Geisel auf das Festland verschärfte die Situation. Sad Twist: RUSH Stunt Performer Killed Racing, Nuclear accidents, Woolsey Fire, Topanga Fire, Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Boeing, Rocketdyne, Atomic Energy Commission, Atomics International, Three Mile Island, Moneyball's Peter Brand: aka Paul DePodesta. Für die Stromerzeugung stehen drei Dieselgeneratoren mit jeweils 1.215 kW Leistung zur Verfügung. [34][35], Wenige Tage nach Beendigung der Entführung kündigte die Führung des dänischen Mutterkonzerns A. P. Møller-Mærsk eine eingehende Untersuchung der Vorfälle an, um Konsequenzen zur Erhöhung der Sicherheit der Schiffe und ihrer Besatzungen ziehen zu können. [14], Die Piraten nahmen Kapitän Phillips als Geisel in ein kleines Rettungsboot, zu dessen Nutzung er sie überredet hatte und das von der Besatzung mit Nahrungsmitteln, Wasser und Treibstoff ausgestattet wurde. (Wikipedia). And the lawsuit further claims that the Alabama didn’t have adequate anti-pirate security measures. Dies war bereits der sechste Angriff in dem Gebiet innerhalb einer Woche. [10], On April 7, 2009, the U.S. Maritime Administration, following NATO advisories, released a Somalia Gulf of Aden advisory to mariners recommending ships to stay at least 600 nautical miles (1,100 km; 690 mi) off the coast of Somalia. [44], September 2010 suspicious approach of pirate skiff, February 2014 deaths of two security contractors. While we can’t talk about what really happened, we can say that the company was playing Russian Roulette with their employees. ( Log Out /  [36] A security force on board the Maersk Alabama fired warning shots and turned the suspects away. By 2013, the rate of successful pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean had dropped to zero and and over 1,000 pirates had been captured and were being prosecuted by authorities in over 21 countries. Maersk Alabama hijacking, incident involving the seizure of a U.S.-flagged cargo ship by four Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean on April 8, 2009. Es wurde als Maersk Alabama im April 2009 durch einen Piratenangriff vor der somalischen Küste international bekannt. What has changed since April 9, 2009? “Places like the Singapore Straits and Indonesia you just cannot get far from the coast due to the geography of the area,” Staples says. The vessel's current speed is 2.5 Knots. Im November 2004 wurde das Schiff in Maersk Alabama umbenannt und unter US-amerikanische Flagge gebracht. Zusätzlich übergab der Kapitän den Piraten 30.000 US-Dollar aus dem Schiffstresor. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It continues to this day on the same perilous route. [33], Der Präsident der halbautonomen somalischen Region Puntland, in der das Piratentum die Haupteinnahmequelle war, lobte das gewaltsame US-amerikanische Vorgehen, nachdem er zuvor Lösegeldzahlungen an Piraten wiederholt kritisiert hatte. September 2010 und wurde ebenfalls von einem Team privater Wachleute an Bord zurückgeschlagen, als sich die Piraten in rund 100 Metern Entfernung befanden. Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse, der von der Besatzung einige Tage zuvor verletzte Pirat, kam zu Verhandlungen, ärztlicher Versorgung und einen Telefonanruf an Bord der Bainbridge. The Maersk Alabama was targeted by Somali pirates in an attempted hijacking off the east coast of Africa in 2009. [18] The FBI secured the ship as a crime scene. Several former Maersk Alabama crew members are panning ‘Captain Phillips’ -- in which Tom Hanks, left, plays the real-life Capt. [2], In 2004, the ship was detained in Kuwait after becoming the victim of an apparent fraud scheme. Somali piracy may have started with fishermen seeking justice for having their livelihoods destroyed by countries dumping toxic waste in their fishing grounds, but as mentioned previously, it became a huge business. In the month of April in the year 2009, in spite of several security protocols and guidelines provided to the MV Alabama about the prevailing danger in and around the Somali waters, there was a breach when a group of four buccaneers entered the Alabama and over-mastered the crew members while also taking the vessel’s captain as surety for … But get this: Pirates have tried to hijack it four more times! Register now to: Vote & comment on photos Upload your own ship photos Get your own personal page Join one of the largest maritime communities; Create a free account. [9] As Alva Maersk, she was flagged to Denmark. AP Moller-Maersk to investigate ‘Maersk Alabama’ hijacking incident. It was the first time in more than 200 years that pirates had boarded an American-flagged vessel. On April 8, 2009, four Somali pirates boarded Maersk Alabama when it was located 240 nmi (440 km; 280 mi) southeast of the Somalia port city of Eyl. It was the first successful pirate seizure of a ship registered under the American flag since the early 19th century. They got close enough to attempt to hook onto the side of the ship with a metal ladder, but the security team fired at them and they zoomed away. Das Schiff kam als Alva Maersk unter dänischer Flagge in Fahrt. Captain Phillips is a 2013 American biographical drama-thriller film directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi.The film is inspired by the true story of the 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking, an incident during which merchant mariner Captain Richard Phillips was taken hostage by Somali pirates in the Guardafui Channel led by Abduwali Muse. The siege ended after a rescue effort by the United States Navy on 12 April. Beide Wachmänner starben infolge Atem- und Herzversagen durch die gleichzeitige Einnahme von Heroin und Alkohol. “And when you make an entry into a country, you have to cross the demarcation line at some point,” he adds. Die Piraten nahmen dabei den Kapitän des Schiffs als Geisel, der schließlich in einer gewaltsamen Aktion durch Spezialkräfte der US-Marine befreit wurde. [53], Das Original-Rettungsboot sowie ein bei der Geiselbefreiung eingesetztes Scharfschützengewehr befinden sich unter den Ausstellungsstücken des National Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce (Florida).[54]. The 2013 film "Captain Phillips" is based on the incident. gCaptain is the top-visited maritime and offshore industry news site in the world. Piraten attackieren erneut US-Frachter „Maersk Alabama“. In 2014, the number of attempted hijackings had dropped so much in the Indian Ocean, piracy was at its lowest point in a decade. Beim letzteren Angriff hatten sich die Piraten nach Angaben des Kapitäns dem Schiff bereits bis auf rund 30 Meter genähert. The skiff quickly broke off and radar contact was lost after 10 minutes. [31], In den Vereinigten Staaten beschäftigte sich am 21. und 22. Four additional unsuccessful hijacking attempts were made later that year, 2010, and 2011. “The real heroes are the men and women of the U.S. Navy who rescued the shipping company from its poor decisions and the brave crewmembers who actually fought back against the pirates once they boarded the ship – despite the crewmembers being unarmed while facing pirates carrying automatic weapons,” says Brian Beckcom. The following are six misconceptions from the movie: Maersk, Captain Phillips, and their attorneys fought to make the facts of what really happened aboard the Maersk Alabama confidential. Maersk Alabama. [13] Der Pirat wurde zwölf Stunden lang von der Besatzung festgehalten. In March 2011, Somali pirates struck yet again, and were chased off by the armed security forces on board. Dramatischer Kampf mit Piraten vor somalischer Küste. MV Tygra (formerly Maersk Alabama) is a container ship previously owned by Maersk Line Limited and operated by Waterman Steamship Corporation, now owned by Element Shipmanagement SA of Piraeus. They claim that: Nine of the crewmembers claim that the Captain and the shipping company acted irresponsibly by putting them in harm’s way to begin with. Das Deckshaus befindet sich im Heckbereich des Schiffes. [8][31][32] The assault failed after guards on the ship responded with small arms fire and acoustical weapons. Phillips; SEALs given polygraph test. The security force on board Maersk Alabama repelled a skiff with 5 pirates approximately 1,530 kilometres (950 mi) east of Somalia. Moller Maersk Group Reviews Internal Piracy Policy. The threat is still high in other parts of the world. If he hadn’t been taken, this wouldn’t have happened. When you visit the Museum, you can view the lifeboat upon which Captain Richard Phillips was held hostage for five days before being rescued on April 12, thanks to the accuracy of Navy SEAL snipers. The shipping company’s claims that arming vessels would make things more dangerous turned out to be demonstrably false. Change ), Click here to Subscribe to Garrett On The Road by Email. Since the April 2009 attack, the Maersk Alabama has been approached by pirates on at least two other occasions, however the pirates were quickly repelled by armed personnel who now accompany Maersk vessels that travel in pirate-infested waters. Der Austausch scheiterte jedoch, als der gefangene Seeräuber zwar übergeben, der Kapitän jedoch nicht freigelassen wurde. Nach Geisel-Befreiung: Piraten sinnen auf Rache. [44] Eine Anklage wegen Piraterie, die ein verpflichtendes Strafmaß von lebenslanger Freiheitsstrafe beinhaltet, ließ das Gericht in einer Einigung mit der Verteidigung fallen, nachdem sich der Angeklagte in den minder schweren Punkten Entführung, Geiselnahme und Verschwörung für schuldig bekannt hatte. [11] Nach 20 Minuten wurde der Schiffsmotor gestoppt und kurz darauf stellte die Besatzung die Stromversorgung auf dem Schiff ab und unterbrach die Dieselzufuhr zum Notstromgenerator, was den Piraten die Orientierung auf dem Schiff und die Suche nach den Besatzungsmitgliedern erschwerte. Surprise! [citation needed] Frustrated, the pirates decided to leave the ship, and took Phillips with them to a lifeboat as their bargaining chip. You might think that was enough drama for the Alabama, but no. In fact, it is still plying the same Mombasa-Djibouti route through east African waters! Posted in Movie Trivia, Movies | Tags: Captain Phillips, Hijacking, Maersk Alabama, Maersk Lines Ltd., Somali Pirates. April 2009, um deren Besatzung zu unterstützen. [18] Maersk Alabama then departed from the area with an armed escort, towards her original destination in Mombasa, Kenya, with the vessel's Chief Mate Shane Murphy in charge. Later on, the vessel’s name was re-christened to its present name with its registration transferred to the United States of America. The crew later used "brute force" to overpower one of the pirates,[14] Abduwali Muse, and free one of the hostages, Abu Thair Mohd Zahid Reza. Text: H.Res.339 – 111th Congress (2009–2010). [14] On Saturday, April 11, Maersk Alabama arrived in the port of Mombasa, Kenya, still under U.S. military escort, where C/M Murphy was relieved by Captain Larry Aasheim, who had previously been captain of Maersk Alabama until Richard Phillips relieved him eight days prior to the pirate attack. Die Piraten nahmen dabei den Kapitän des Schiffs als Geisel, der schließlich in einer gewaltsamen Aktion durch Spezialkräfte der US-Marine befreit wurde. Piraten mit US-Kapitän nähern sich der Küste. [23][24][25] U.S. Navy SEAL snipers on Bainbridge's fantail opened fire, killing the three pirates with bullets to the head,[26] one of whom was named Ali Aden Elmi, another whose last name was Bilal Hamac, and the third unidentified,(later to be known as Hassan Abdiqani.