Her journey in the show started in 2016 and continued till 2019—she has appeared in more than 50 episodes of the TV show. Why is she so angry? I think she thought her dad would provide a better life and thought he had really come up when he married Mary J; and then that ended poorly. Brianna is not the problem. The father-son duo eventually released behind-the-scene footage of how WeTV attempts to stir up trouble on the show. By the way, white boy put a ring on it. Sh-t, she could hurt Sam. Part 1. Andy Cohen Addresses Cast Changes After Monique Samuels & Candiace Dillard’s Altercation. She would really hurt Egypt. Egypt is such a sweet person. People behind computers got the best advice until you get a peek at their life. So disappointing! The drama surrounding Egypt Criss and Sammattick’s relationship takes center stage this season on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop.’ HL spoke with Egypt’s mom Pepa about why … Bullies can’t never fight! Egypt from "Growing Up Hip Hop" finally got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Sammattick. IJS, Yes Pepa Doing Too much what she need to be doing is teaching Egypt not to let a man use her and disrespect her but you know Pepa Pepa got to put her nose in everybody’s business. Peppa as a mother you’re wrong as hell to support the mess teach her better and not shacking up at a young age . Brianna can’t give nobody advise. Why on earth do they want to spoil the party for Egypt? I have readed everybody’s comments and I am so p-ssed off why is everybody coming for Pepa it’s her child course she’s going to defend her child any mother will be there for her child especially if she’s the youngest one on the show why everybody got to make it all about pepa I saw video it should between Egypt and Brianna now they’re putting Pepa and treach in middle of it that’s not right.everybody has been in one f-ck up relationship no one perfect so back off and let Egypt live her life and stop calling this grown a-s woman a child it’s really really and if y’all look back at some of the shows Brianna had that coming Brianna was disrespectful and all those things she was saying behind pepa and Egypt back it was going to come back on her quoting what another person said karma is a b**** Brianna got hers and Sam will too. Pepa acts like Egypt is her only child. ..I agree with u anonymous about pepa. Amen, she’s a big mouth troubl maker, she got what she deserved. It seems she is angry at life itself; as if life hasn’t been what she expected it to be. Bow Wow, who starred in “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” also announced he’s quitting earlier this year. She is best known for her recurring appearances in the Oji Singletary's reality TV show named Growing Up Hip Hop, a reality show that focuses on the life of famous hip hop musicians' children.. Sam has turned Egypt to to a ugly person. I believe she is more worried about being a friend instead of the mothering role. Ever her the term JAFO. She even left the country. The "Growing Up Hip Hop" star spoke with TooFab about the upcoming season of … The situation got so bad that Criss’s Pepa went back-and-forth with Briana Latrise and Pepa’s  niece Tee-Tee on Twitter. He’s just sad all the way! It’s time for me to rise from the ashes from being falsely represented to you, the people I love most, which is why I have decided to resign from Growing Up Hip Hop. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. With Pepa paying for the roof over Egypt and Sam’s head, the food, car and gas, does she pay his child support too?? They pay him no attention. According to Briana, she was assaulted by Egypt while they were filming recently. Egypt is not your child and you don’t know if you want a man or woman. She went from trying to be an unasked advisor to wanting to fight Egypt. She decided to marry... Dutchess left six figures on the table. Shame on Egypt. Required fields are marked *. If her mother and her father are fine with it that’s the end of the story. It’s a shame tho. Pepa doesn't seem to like the dude all that much either, suggesting there are red flags about him that Egypt isn't necessarily seeing herself. NO1 WANTS HIM BUT HIS NAIVE GF! I’m still surprised Egypt did this. #RomeoMiller releases footage from Growing Up Hip Hop, accusing them of orchestrating drama. Of course it was premeditated. Reality star Egypt Criss announced that she will be resigning from WEtv’s “Growing Up Hip Hop.” The 21-year-old aspiring singer, who is the daughter of Pepa of the iconic rap duo Salt-N-Pepa and Treach of Naughty By Nature, has been on the show since it premiered on Jan. 7, 2016. Pepa oh Pepa NOW HOW OLD ARE YOU? Remember the lyrics to his song: “I’m not straight but, I’m not gay”…. So she hit Briana over tweets even though Pepa came for Briana first? Here’s what she had to say: That wasn’t a fight… it was pre-meditated. I agree. I also believe she is going thru a mid life crisis. Everybody has their opinion but nobody’s talking about TT sticking her nose in her cousin’s business in the first place. Get TMZ breaking news sent right to your browser! Lol. Talk about sticking it to your mom, right? And of course she didn’t feel Brianna would hit her so SHE went in… She was drinking like a pro. Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill tied the knot. Who are YOU to tell her that. Pep looking cruella deville in those ugly wig.. they both Egypt and pep need to fire who ever is their Stylist they the only ones that look like they got wigs from the dollar tree! Egypt is grown and needs to make her own decisions regardless of everyone’s input. She is a whole lotta work! Feel like getting on touch or staying upto date with out latest news and updates? He dad used the out of Mary J. I could see if she was related or was a very close friend to Egypt and furthermore Egypt didn’t ask her for help or her opinion. Pep, Sam, and Egypt foot so far in this Hollywood crap, that it’s gonna swallow them whole. y’all remember that Nd she had a whole soap opera scene w/ the 1st season? Who died and left Brianna boss? He was actually encouraging her to let “trepper” surface. An engagement is supposed to be something to celebrate, but this season on "Growing Up Hip Hop," getting to a proposal has been anything but easy for stars Egypt Criss and rapper Sammattick. Spoiler alert ... she said yes!!! Copyright © 2020 Urban Belle Media, LLC. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Brianna needs to take several plus seats. The commenter above you is right. How do you feel about Egypt Criss’s decision to leave the show? While talking about the situation on Instagram Live, Briana said that she was asked to not get violent by … Somewhere along the way, someone got confused about what was real and what isn’t. Egypt mom is pepa. I would never want that for my child. Cody Longo Arrested for Domestic Violence. While talking about the situation on Instagram Live, Briana said that she was asked to not get violent by producers before she even got to the scene. They just talk sh-t and the minute sh-t get real it’s some excuses just like this situation! Egypt Criss rose to fame as an emerging reality star. I dislike the show because of her. She committed assault at work. U is definitely right & I agree with u Dawn Pratt. So she was stunned by what happened and security intervened before she could really react after Egypt hit her. Sources close to Romeo Miller, who also served as an executive producer, had alleged that him leaving the show was due to a disagreement with production or the network. As for Brianna, I never saw her as a bully. Many “Growing Up Hip Hop” fans have a lot to say about the latest news. BUT SAM! it’s the storyline true Nuff. Who gets on tv as a mother a support a daughter who you are already taking care of and then Pepa decided to take care of a grown a-s man with baby mama SO EVERYBODY is eating off Pepa career… What a sad day I would have never thought this icon of rap who have step down to this level arguing and attacking someone else child (Pepa & Trench) and by the way why was Milana fighting at the party? Let her and dude live… she attractive and dude probably really fkd up about her…. Her and Dame Dash those 2 are the worse examples of parents on the show . I think she forgot how old she is and that she is a mother. © 2020 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. Trench surprise that he is even involved in this mess (ALL MEDIA PRESS IS NOT GOOD PRESS) an icon being brought down to low level tv?? Guess KARMA IS A B-TCH, Now they know darn well Brianna would beat Egypt azz in REAL LIFE..but it’s TV and it still caught Brianna off guard .